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Report: Sacha Baron Cohen vs. The Academy, was this a fake publicity stunt?

While reports say that the Academy just lifted the ban on Sacha Baron Cohen at the Oscars, I believe this back and forth feud was a fake. Just a simple way to help promote the movie, “The Dictator”.

Deadline, reports.

Will Sacha present an award in this character too? We’ll have to wait and see…


Cool Video: Admiral General Aladeen himself responds to the Oscar banning…

LMAOF!!! This is why Sacha is the fucking man! Here he is in character of the The Dictator, threatening the Academy to lift the ban or there will be consequences.

Comic genius. See? The guy is  unpredictable, you just never know what he’s going to do. It’ll be interesting to see what he’s planning at the Oscars.

I’ll be posting my Oscar predictions today.


Report: Okay, Sacha Baron Cohen not banned from the Oscars, but might not be allowed to wear, “The Dictator” costume…

The Academy were quick to respond to reports and they denied banning Sacha Baron Cohen. They’re just waiting to see what he’s planning to do. He’s planning to show up in character in, “The Dictator” (pictured above), but the Academy is worried that he might do something crazy and offensive.

The Hollywood Reporter reports.

Oh please, the Academy should not be taking him so seriously. The guy’s a comedian and a pretty funny one, I must say. I am looking forward to “The Dictator” ’cause it looks like a funny ass movie. I like Sacha’s films when he’s starring in the leading role. Yes, “Borat” and “Bruno” are both good movies. Sascha is obviously politically motivated ’cause all three of these films are based on politics, in some way.

I’m looking forward to seeing what Sacha is going to do this Sunday at the Oscars. The man is unpredictable. Since they might not allow him to show up as the Dictator, what’s stopping him from showing up as Bruno or Borat? Ever think about that, eh?

I’m looking forward to the Oscars this Sunday. I’ll be DVR’ing the Walking Dead while I’m watching it. I’ll  post my Oscar predictions later tonight.