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The Grammy’s so far…

I am watching the Grammy awards as I’m typing this and it’s actually not a bad show. The show doesn’t have a host this year.

Jennifer Hudson won for “Best R&B Album” presented by Whitney Houston. Whitney is looking beautiful and hot looking by the way.

Robert Plant and Alison Krauss won for “Best Pop Collaboration”. From Led Zep to Grammy winner. I’m sure Robert now thinks not re-joining Led Zeppelin is a good idea since he just won a Grammy, dont’cha think?

Jennifer Hudson did a good performance, Coldplay did good. Kid Rock did good. U2 did good.

Didn’t really care for Miley Cyrus/Taylor Swift on stage singing together though.

So far, not a bad show. And the award winnings so far, are decent choices actually.


Report: Satriani lawyers to pay Coldplay a visit at the Grammy’s, I am losing more respect to Joe Satriani everytime, COME ON GUYS, keep this war in the court room!!!

Joe Satriani is taking the high road of his music career and proving the douchebag he really is. I used to respect the Satch as a virtuoso guitar hero, but he’s nothing more of a big ego like the rest of ’em.

Satriani’s lawyer, Howard King, plans on going to the Grammy’s this Sunday to follow wherever Chris Martin and the guys in Coldplay goes at the award show. They hope Coldplay gets the win for “Viva La Vida” which is nominated for a “Record of the Year” award.

More on it here:


Come on guys. Keep this battle in the court room, that’s where it should be. Satriani is really now turning out to be a whiny little prick.

I explained before in a post that Coldplay and Joe Satriani’s songs sound nothing like each other. And it’s not a copyright infrigement if the chord progressions and keys are different. Melodies maybe a little similar true, but in music, there are many songs that sound like each other at some point.

I still feel that Chris Martin will kick Joe’s ass in this battle and Coldplay will prove their innocence. So far, Joe did NOT prove how Coldplay ripped him off in the song. Joe needs to show the court room proof. I don’t think he has any.

Coldplay should do the smart thing and not show up at the Grammy’s at all if Satch is going to have his shady lawyer confront them in person the whole night.

Come on Satch, this is very low of you, man. I used to respect Satch, as a guitarist that I’ve looked after for a long time and losing my patience with him.