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The Grammy’s finally starting to give rock music more respect? Ac/Dc set to perform award show on TV…

The Grammy Awards have always been dominated by pop, rap and country for many years. Last year’s Grammy’s they had Metallica & Lang Lang, Queens of the Stone Age, NIN perform on TV.

This year they are having Ac/Dc.

I hate the Grammy’s like most but it’s actually kind of cool that they are giving rock n’ roll more respect. Hopefully they don’t put Ac/Dc as the last performer where the Grammy’s would cut their performance at the end of the show like they did with NIN last year. I don’t think the Grammy’s would do that to Ac/Dc though… those guys are iconic rock legends and they don’t wanna disrespect them.

Congrats to Ac/Dc. Yeah, I love the band. Always did and I’ll be watching the Grammy’s just for their performance alone.


What was wrong with the Metallica and Lang Lang performance? I thought it was fine!!!

So Metallica and Lang Lang performed the Grammy’s last night, and the Metallica song they ended up playing was “One” which was a great choice of a song actually! I’m glad they stayed away from “Enter Sandman” for once.

Like usual when it comes to Metallica there are always mixed criticism. Some loved this performance and some hated it but what’s new with Metallica haters, ya know? People will hate everything Metallica does these days. Every time Metallica wants to try something different, nope, they can’t make everybody happy. That’s why I respect the hell out of Metallica. They aren’t afraid to take risks with their music and try something new.

I liked this collaboration with Metallica and Lang Lang. The piano sounded different with metal.

When people are hating on this performance, the critique is that the sound mixing is a little off and Kirk’s guitar is out of tune a little bit. People are also complaining about James’s vocals and like always, they still think Lars drumming sucks.

I mean really? I agree that the sound mixing was a little off but despite the technical issues they still played really well. I thought it was a good performance. At least, it proved that Metallica can really play. Metallica never believed in fake playing, auto-tuned and lip syncing like most of the Grammy’s show was just that.

You should still give the Grammy’s credit for finally having heavy music on the show, though. I did watch the Grammy’s last night and to be honest, it was actually a pretty good show. I was impressed with the diversity of genres. They had every genre of music perform on the Grammy’s stage. Something for everybody which was kind of cool. I respect that.

Although, I’m disappointed that Lorde didn’t win “Album of the Year”, Daft Punk deserved it too ’cause they’re good even though that group is gimmicky as hell.

Back to Metallica and Lang Lang, I wish people wouldn’t be so opinionated and hateful. Lang Lang looked like he was having a blast performing with Metallica. Huge smile on his face throughout the performance. After this, I can definitely see Metallica and Lang Lang collaborate again. Maybe Lang Lang will special guest on the next Metallica album, that’ll probably end up happening.

The Grammy’s was actually a decent show. I was surprised.


Yes, I think I’m gonna watch the Grammy’s tonight…

Yeah, I’ll probably watch the Grammy’s tonight just for laughs and for something to watch on TV. I wanna see the Metallica and Lang Lang performance. I’ve been watching Lang Lang videos in youtube and he’s a pretty sick pianist. Wow!!! After seeing Lang Lang in youtube, I can easily see why him and Metallica would be an obvious collaboration. Lang Lang plays fast piano so he can easily jam along to speed metal.

Anyway as for my predictions on the winners of the Grammy’s tonight, I’d say who the hell cares but I know that Lorde will probably sweep everything, and she will indeed win, “Album of the Year” for her “Pure Heroine” album. It’s a great album so I actually would like to see her win those awards tonight ’cause you know she’s going to.

Other than that, it’s probably gonna be a horrendous show… the Madonna performance will be a nightmare but will be funny to watch.

I’ll write an honest review of the Grammy’s either late tonight or tomorrow.


Thought: Patrick Carney vs. Justin Bieber feud…

There’s a lot of controversy over this, so I thought I would respond my quick thoughts on this story. TMZ has caught up with Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney, and they asked him a question about Justin Bieber that sparked outrage with the public. Patrick said, “He’s rich right? Grammys are for, like, music. Not for money… and he’s making a lot of money. He should be happy.” Justin responded back to him on his twitter saying he needs to be slapped up.

More on the story, here.

Here’s the thing. Before the Black Keys released their major label album, “El Camino”, they were just a small indie band. They weren’t very well known before that album. Now that they are starting to become commercial and mainstream, they’re gonna have to start dealing with being a “celebrity”, instead of a rock band. They have to watch every word they say now because the media will be all over it. Patrick has been outspoken about other things before but that’s how the media works.

It’s great that a rock band like the Black Keys is getting fame and mainstream recognition, but the way the music industry is today, it isn’t a good time for any rock band to become famous now. The Black Keys are a great rock band, they’re talented. Now that they are famous, Patrick and Dan are going to be looked at as bad guys ’cause their music is different than everyone else in the industry. The Black Keys aren’t a pop, r&b or a rap band. They are strictly blues rock.

Since Patrick said that comment about Justin Bieber, sure enough, all the Bieber fans and supporters stick up for him, and they think Patrick is a bully now just for being honest. That’s how their little “clique” works.

So who am I siding with? I’m sure you’re going to think I’m siding with Patrick on this one, but honestly, I’m kind of neutral on this one. Sure Patrick has the right to say what he wants but if he doesn’t want to be in hot water for this, then he should have avoided TMZ or the paparazzi altogether. In my opinion, I think Patrick has a lot to learn about celebrity and fame. He still has the rock star attitude in him as you can see and the way pop culture is, they won’t welcome that.

Justin Bieber isn’t innocent in this either. He needs to learn that the world doesn’t revolve around him just because he’s the world’s famous pop star. When you start seeing other celebrities like Patrick Carney and many others calling out Justin Bieber, that means we’re all getting tired of the Justin Bieber hype. It is why the kid needs to slow down in his career. The kid never takes any time off. He has to work all the time.

In my opinion, I think The Black Keys guys, Dan and Patrick should drop the major label and go back to indie, before the mainstream destroys them and it’s already happening.


Report: The music industry, still upset over Arcade Fire’s big win at the Grammy’s…why?

People in the music industry & fans are still upset that the Arcade Fire won big at the Grammy’s this year. My question is, why? The Arcade Fire deserves it. The long time hip hop music exec, Steve Stoute, slammed the Grammy’s for choosing the Arcade Fire to win, “Album of Year” and says Eminem, Kanye West or Justin Bieber deserves it more.

Read the full article, here.

Well, somebody sounds jealous. I don’t understand why the music industry and music fans are so upset that Arcade Fire won. Arcade Fire is a phenomenal band, I fucking love them! Their win was well deserved. The Arcade Fire didn’t get this over night, they accomplished a lot in their career.

This inspires a new videoblog that I will make this week. I will explain why Arcade Fire deserves it and defend the band on video. I should have the video up later this week. The video might have potential to have a lot of views, it might be controversial. So be on the lookout for that soon.



Thought: After Jagger’s performance at the Grammy’s, will there finally be a Stones reunion???

I know what everyone is thinking. After Jagger’s surprising appearance at the Grammy’s, it was also his very first Grammy appearance ever, believe it or not, I’m sure people wonder if there is an upcoming Rolling Stones reunion in the works. The Stones haven’t done anything in music since 2007’s “A Bigger Bang” tour.

Over the years during their hiatus, they’ve been releasing re-issues like “Exile On Main St.” and other projects.

Let the Stones reunion speculation begin. I’m sure it’s already begun.

After all these years, Jagger and the Stones been gone, Jagger still has it. He can still get the audience going wild.


Defending Arcade Fire’s win at the Grammy’s…

So I watched the Grammy’s last night. The show was pretty interesting. I must say that this was the best Grammy’s show in a long time. Many would disagree but think about it: Bob Dylan performing, Mick Jagger performing for the first time in years after a hiatus, Kris Kristofferson & Barbara Streisand standing on stage together, the Cee Lo Green and Gwyneth Paltrow performance, Katy Perry, etc. All that stuff was very entertaining.

The thing that shocked people the most about last night’s Grammy’s show, this even shocked me too, was Arcade Fire winning for Album of the Year, for their newest album, “The Suburbs”. Many were shocked of this win because people were hoping Eminem or Lady Gaga were going to get it. I’m glad the Grammy’s gave Arcade Fire the win.

Why? Because they are a talented rock n’ roll band, that deserves more recognition. Many people don’t know who Arcade Fire is, because a lot of people claim they are new. Well, Arcade Fire isn’t really new. They’ve been around a long time. They are an indie band, not a major label band, they just happened to land on the Grammy’s. I haven’t heard their album, “The Suburbs” yet, but I plan on listening to it soon. I’ve heard their stuff on the radio and seen them perform on TV many times. So I know Arcade Fire is a great band. They are great. So this win for them is well deserved.

I’m sick of mainstream acts winning the Album of the Year award all the time. Giving someone new and something different a chance is a good thing that the Grammny’s did. Plus, Arcade Fire is a real band with real talent, yes I said that. They are a young band with at least 7 members. They only released 3 albums in their career.

I was expecting Gaga to get the win last night myself, but my jaw dropped when they said Arcade Fire’s name.

On with the other performances, my favorite performances were Bob Dylan.  The Cee Lo Green and Gwyneth Paltrow performance was very strange but it was pretty inspiring. Katy Perry’s performance was electric, I loved it. Yes, I’m a huge Katy Perry fan and would see her in concert if she came around my area, some day. Seeing her live looks a lot of fun.

It was a pretty good Grammy’s show last night, Arcade Fire is a great band so before you think, “Who are they?”, “They suck they don’t deserve the win”, do a little research on them and listen to them first, then you would see how they got to the Grammy’s. Arcade Fire is a unique band. They don’t sound like any other band.


Pink is just hanging around at the Grammy’s…

Check it out. Doesn’t that look very risky and dangerous? If she slipped off of that thing or if it breaks from the ceiling, she definitely would have killed herself. I was researching her past to see if she had experience in doing circus performances and dance theatre type of stuff, and finding out that she doesn’t, she was probably trained by experts to do that. She definitely isn’t scared of heights.

Although I’m not much of a fan of Pink’s music, she does have a hot body though and I’ll give her respect for that stunt. This stunt was done for real. It wasn’t a fake stunt woman or anything like that.


BREAKING NEWS: Robert Plant and Alison Krauss wins for “Album of the Year”!!!!

Oh my! What a Grammy shocker! I thought the “Album of the Year” award was going to go to Coldplay, but Robert Plant and Alison ended up taking the win.

“Raising Sand” is actually a fantastic album, I love it a lot, so this award is well deserving.

Robert and Alison are three time Grammy winners tonight.

I didn’t really care for most of tonight’s Grammy’s but I actually liked a few performances. Robert, Alison and T. Bone of course performed great. I liked the Radiohead performance. Jen Hudson did good, and yes, I’m a Kid Rock fan so I liked his performance as well.

It was an ok Grammy’s show. Nothing great or nothing amazing, but it was okay and pretty decent.