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Did the Hodgetwins just come out as Trump supporters? It seems so…

When the Hodgetwins first started making videos on youtube, at first they started out as a bodybuilding channel for a long while. Then they started moving on to other topics like the food they eat, giving dating and relationship advice and just talking about whatever they want to. They also answer questions to their fan base.

My question is why did the Hodgetwins transition from being a bodybuilding channel to talking about other topics? I guess talking about bodybuilding isn’t making them a lot of money ’cause I would think they get paid a lot of money for making videos.

Well the Hodgetwins spoke about the MAGA hat getting stolen at Whataburger incident in these two videos and it seems like they’re siding with the MAGA kid and supporting the MAGA agenda which is cool. I’ve never seen the Hodgetwins talk about politics until now. It seems they are Trump supporters ’cause they just said in this video, “I wanna make America Great again” and the other guy seems to agree with him. So the Hodgetwins officially on the Trump Train? If they’re serious then welcome aboard, dudes!