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Why you shouldn’t trust the mainstream media…

I think it’s safe to say that you can’t trust the mainstream media at all. When it comes to news media outlets such as CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC,etc. you can’t trust any of them. If you look up the approval polls and the ratings for all the news networks, you would see that they aren’t very good. Since the approval ratings have gone way down on most major news networks, it really says something about today’s mainstream news.

You see politics was never supposed to be “right vs. left”. However, the mainstream media is making it “right vs. left” these days. There certainly is a double standard when reporting news. All the media wants to do is feed us a bunch of bullshit. They’ll do whatever it takes to spark some controversy. Start a huge debate between the two parties. That’s what they do in order to get people to watch their networks. They don’t really care for “realistic” journalism anymore. All they care about is people watching their news shows. They’ll do anything they can to get more ratings but they fail every time. The problem is that the mainstream news only focus on “left-wing” politics. The media tries their best to make “liberalism” look good and they make “conservatism” look bad. That’s why liberals have such a strong hatred for “conservatives” ’cause media brainwashed those people pretty good. “Conservatives” aren’t bad people at all, we just have different views and opinions. The media is just trying to make “the right” look bad.

It’s sad, ya know? Whenever you wanna talk about politics and people see that you have “right-wing” views, liberals will be quick to judge and call you a bunch of names such as you’re “crazy”, “dumb” or “Unintelligent”. They’ll also accuse you of watching too much FOX NEWS or listen to too much Rush Limbaugh.

The media will feed us a bunch of bullshit that isn’t true. Most of what you see in the media is all “fictitious”. Most of the recent shootings are hoaxes and didn’t even happen. ISIS isn’t even real and they try their best to make ISIS look evil & dangerous.

The mainstream news media also refuses to be realistic about Barack Obama & Hillary Clinton. Yeah, the media turned their backs on Hillary Clinton but the only reason they’re doing that is they can stop her from running for President and shove Bernie Sanders in our faces. That’s all a political move. Nothing more, nothing less.

You guys really gotta stop believing everything the media tells you and you gotta stop siding with them on everything too. This is why a lot of people still believe there is nothing wrong with Obama ’cause the media refuses to be honest about him. The media doesn’t want to report who Obama really is. He’s not the guy that the media tries to make him out to be at all. When you try your best to tell people who Obama really is: a criminal, a fraud, a Marxist, etc… people will laugh at your face… call you a “conspiracy theorist” and a FOX News junkie.

I really believe Obama is in control of the media. He’s in control of all of it. Even all the celebrity gossip news like TMZ and Obama is in control of Social networking. Have you noticed that all the facebook trends make Obama look too good? That’s because Mark Zuckerberg and Obama are friendly with each other. I think they secretly work behind the scenes together.

All this stuff going on in Charleston should be further proof that the media should not be trusted.

Like most people, I believe the media protects Obama. They agree to help protect Obama ’cause they don’t want their first “black” president to look bad. They’re afraid it could put their careers in jeopardy if they decide to be realistic on him. They won’t report his actions on Benghazi, Operation F&F, IRS, etc. but instead they report good things about Barack… like Climate Change, Net Neutrality, they try to make Obamacare look good, etc. Each time Obama appears on a late night talk show, they’re all over that too.

I try my best to tell people who Obama really is but a lot of people won’t believe me but that’s okay, let ’em. They will only believe what the media tells them. I’m sick of the media trying to make Obama look good. It’s just wrong and unfair. Like I said before… if these news networks wanna be taken seriously then they should be real about Barack and get him held accountable. Once they do that, people will eat this stuff up and the ratings WILL go up, trust me. This is what people wanna see… people being real about Barack Obama. The liberal left refuses to be real about Barack Obama and that’s even worse.

Don’t trust the media. Stop watching the news. Quit reading the papers ’cause it’s all nothing but a bunch of liberal garbage. I don’t pay attention to any of it. Wake up, America!