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Radiohead releases their version of “Spectre” theme and it’s amazing… woah!!!

It looks  like Radiohead is about ready to make their return to the industry in 2016. Not only that the band dropped a new song today which is their version of the “Spectre” theme song that got rejected from the movie, they also started teasing a new album for 2016. So their next album will be their follow-up from their 2011 album, “The King of Limbs”. So it’s been about 5 years since Radiohead hasn’t release new music.

Well, here is Radiohead’s version of the “Spectre” theme song which is pretty amazing stuff. I wished they used this theme song for “Spectre” instead of Sam Smith’s “Writing on the Wall”. I hated Sam Smith’s song. Of course, they had to pick the Sam Smith one instead so they can fit into the pop culture, ya know? That’s the only reason they did it. Radiohead doesn’t fit into the pop culture which is why they were rejected. Radiohead isn’t much of a mainstream band which is good. Radiohead used to be a big mainstream band but not anymore, though.

Check out Radiohead’s version of “Spectre”. Thom’s voice sends chills like usual. I’ve always been a big Radiohead fan and looking forward to their next album.


Cool Video: New Radiohead song, “Lotus Flower” here…

I didn’t get the new Radiohead album but plan to get it soon. Like all of you, I too am a huge Radiohead fan, I have all their albums except for the new one, “The King Of Limbs”. I like the new song, “Lotus Flower” and Thom dancing in the video is cool.


Report: Radiohead to break up and call it quits? That’s what their manager wants them to do…

Could a Radiohead break up be on our hands up ahead? That’s what the band’s manager, Brian Message, thinks. Brian claims the band isn’t working as a music group anymore and thinks they should call it quits

More on it here:


It’s great that Radiohead continues to move forward in their music. They shouldn’t have to quit by the manager’s decision.

I thought “In Rainbows” was a beautiful record and probably the best album the band’s ever done. It would be a shame and so sad if they broke up now.