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So how long CM Punk’s future in UFC/MMA would last???

So last night on ppv, I couldn’t resist watching “UFC 203” ’cause like most UFC and WWE fans, I too was curious on how CM Punk was gonna do in his first MMA caged fight. I just had to see it for myself, ya know? A lot of people were wondering whether CM Punk was gonna do bad or do good but as expected CM Punk did pretty badly. Which is expected since CM Punk doesn’t have much of an martial arts and MMA background. CM Punk is a professional wrestler. He’s got a huge background in wrestling instead so it was expected that Punk wouldn’t do well against Mickey Gall. The fight last night was an easy win for Mickey Gall. Gall beat Punk in a bloody mess and Gall wouldn’t let Punk get a chance to do anything either. Punk tried his best to fight back and defend himself but Gall was too tough. It was a pretty good fight, though ’cause I was impressed with Mickey Gall.

After the fight got over with, I gained even more respect for CM Punk. That guy has been my favorite wrestler for years. Love Punk or hate him, what that guy did was pretty ballsy. He really was brave and courageous to do what he did last night.

I loved Punk’s speech after the fight ’cause he said that life is about getting knocked down and getting back up. He also said you must believe in yourself. He said that if you want to go after your dreams, you can’t listen to anybody and go for it. Which is good advice and I’ve had that attitude for a long time now. Going after what I want and not giving a shit what anyone thinks.

So what is Punk’s future gonna be like in MMA? Will his MMA career be a success or will it be short? Who knows. We’ll have to wait and see. I’m pretty sure Dana White will give Punk another chance so we’ll see how Punk does on his next fight. Keep in mind, Brock Lesnar lost his first UFC fight to Frank Mir but came out on top after so the same could happen to Punk.

It was a pretty good ppv though. I thought the best fights of the night last night were Jessica Andrade vs. Joanne Calderwood, CM Punk vs. Mickey Gall and Stipe Miocic vs. Alistair Overeem. The other two fights RIvera vs. Faber and Browne vs. Werdum were pretty boring as fuck, though.

I wish CM Punk the best of luck in his MMA career. He’s gonna have to learn that this isn’t WWE and MMA is a whole different thing.


Just bought UFC 200 ppv, looking forward to it later tonight!!!

I took a long break from watching UFC ppvs ’cause I hated paying a lot of money for them but I couldn’t resist this one. I really like Brock Lesnar. I have liked him for a pretty long time. Followed him through his WWE career and followed him through his UFC career. I’ve seen every Brock Lesnar UFC fight. For some reason Brock Lesnar is one of those guys that makes you feel that you can’t miss a UFC fight of his. I’m sure a lot of UFC fans feel the same way even if they don’t like him that much, that’s how much of a draw he is to the company.

I couldn’t resist this ppv ’cause I’m interested in seeing Lesnar vs. Mark Hunt since now this fight is the main event. This fight got moved to the main even ’cause Jon “Bone” Jones just got in trouble.

Lesnar vs. Hunt is an interesting fight ’cause you never know who’s gonna win this one. After doing a little research on Mark Hunt, I’ve heard his punches are really nasty. Would Brock Lesnar be able to avoid his hard punches? We’ll see. I predict that Brock Lesnar will lose to Mark Hunt due to one of his hard punches but we’ll see. Could Brock actually beat him? That’s why I want to watch this fight ’cause I want to see if Brock will be able to beat him or not.

Lesnar needs to realize that this isn’t WWE and I think he’ll find out that later tonight.

I’m also looking forward to Miesha Tate vs. Amanda Nunes ’cause I like women fighting.

Hope it’ll be a good ppv. I’m still a fan of UFC and MMA.


Floyd Mayweather Jr. calls out all of Ronda Rousey’s haters, what he said was pretty awesome!

Floyd Mayweather said of Ronda haters:

“I don’t think it’s cool how everyone is trolling her on social media. Certain things you have to learn. People will love you on Friday and then Sunday morning, it’s nothing but negative comments and people making jokes and people making fun about you, which I don’t think is cool.

I’ve never been on the other side, so I don’t know how it feels. I’m pretty sure she’s a very, very strong person, but we still have to take into consideration that she has feelings. Everything happens for a reason. This was already written. Listen, if God says, ‘In Floyd’s career, I don’t want him to lose,’ you know what? I wasn’t going to lose.

That doesn’t mean that I haven’t took a loss before. I’m not talking about boxing; I’m just talking about life. When you lose a loved one, that’s taking a loss. I think that everything is just a learning experience. In due time, she’ll be able to bounce back and make some noise again in mixed martial arts.”


I’m not the biggest Floyd Mayweather fan like most but what he said here was actually awesome and I agree with him! So what? Ronda Rousey lost! Who cares! Everybody’s making a big deal of it when they can’t understand that whether in boxing or MMA that’s the name of the game. You’re either gonna win or lose. Tons of fighters loses fights and everybody is picking on Ronda ’cause of her loss. Instead of saying, “Oh that sucks, I wish Ronda could do better next time”… instead social media is giving her all kinds of hell.

I totally agree with Floyd that one day you’re loved by everybody and the next day, you’re hated all of a sudden. Floyd is right on that knowing from my own experience of dealing with haters.

Floyd is a man with class here.

Even he agrees that she could be back better than ever she was before.

You want Ronda to be more friendly? Well I got news for ya, peeps. Whether in boxing or MMA, it’s never about making friends. When you get yourself into that sport, the only thing they’re focused on is winning and they don’t care about anything else. When you get yourself into boxing or MMA, you’re gonna make some enemies too. The sports are never gonna be friendly all the time. So if Ronda wants to be mean and be a bitch, she has that right if she wants to so why the double standard? If you want Ronda to be kind to people, try asking Iron Mike Tyson and Brock Lesnar to be friendly? I seriously, dare ya. If you asked those guys to be more friendly, they would laugh and give you the finger.


Ronda Rousey is the Iron Mike Tyson of the women’s division of fighting… agree with it or not…

Back in the days when Iron Mike Tyson and Don King were around professional boxing, they were the biggest shit talkers. I remember reading in Mike Tyson’s book that he inspired it from none other Muhammad Ali, of course. Iron Mike wanted to be like him.

Women’s boxing and women’s MMA has been around for many years. Out of all the women who have competed in professional boxing/fighting you haven’t had much shit talkers in the women’s division. Ronda Rousey is the game changer in that for sure. She is now the Iron Mike Tyson of the women’s division. She’s driving everyone crazy and pissing everyone off which to me is pretty amazing. She’s pissing everyone off in social networking. She’s pissing off other female fighters and other celebrities. Which is actually good. I agree that Ronda is kind of tough and mean but where was the outrage when Brock Lesnar had the similar attitude when he was in UFC? Why the double standard? If everybody is hating on Ronda then she must be doing something right.

What’s for all the hatred? Is it because of her attitude? No. I’m pretty sure there’s a hint of “jealousy” in everybody is the reason for them hating on Ronda. They’re tired of seeing her everywhere and tired of her of being UFC’s big money maker. I repeat, she’s the new Iron Mike Tyson in the women’s division. You know how Mike Tyson was viewed as the Baddest man on the planet? Well Ronda is the baddest woman on the planet. I think everybody knows that shit talking is pretty common in boxing and MMA. I think everyone is hating on Ronda for the shit talking is because simply put, she’s a woman. End of story. They’re intimidated of a woman doing all the shit talking while all the other women in MMA are too nice. As of this point, she’s the only woman in MMA doing all the shit talking.

Like I said, Ronda is the type of woman who doesn’t like to be messed with. WHen she’s mad at someone, it’s pretty likely she has a good reason to and maybe they earned the trash talking. I don’t know how the Ronda and Holly feud started but maybe Holly said something that Ronda didn’t like? It’s always her opponents that start things with Ronda but nobody wants to admit that. Everyone wants to act like that Ronda started it first ’cause she’s a woman and she was a champion (she’s not anymore obviously). You wanna mess with Ronda, she’ll mess with you back. That’s how she’s always been. Now that Ronda no longer has the belt, I’m sure the world would quickly forget about her but she’ll remind everyone who she is once she gets that belt back from Holly (trust me, she will).

Ronda’s the villain of the women’s division which is good for the sport. The female version of Iron Mike. Remember, Iron Mike used to be the most hated boxer back in the day. I remember that. Ronda reminds me of those days. Each time Ronda has a fight with a new opponent, chances are this opponent will have some sort of hatred toward Ronda. Almost all of her opponents do.

Trust me guys… Ronda will not make herself look weak. She’ll prove the haters wrong again in her next fight. Whenever that is and whoever she’ll be fighting next. Whether it’s gonna be Miesha Tate again, Cyborg or Holly. I’d like to see her take on Cyborg, though.

Maybe the reason Ronda is acting like a villain in UFC is ’cause she’s doing it intentionally? Maybe it’s her way of helping the women’s division? It could be her way of boosting the women’s division and trying to help put over other fighters. Her being the villain in MMA can help the women’s division in all MMA companies, not just UFC. Ronda continues to be a game changer in MMA, like it or not.

Read this interesting article about how Ronda being the villain can help the women’s division:



Ronda Rousey says she’s fine after knockout and promises she’ll be back…

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No matter what anyone says or thinks, I still love Ronda Rousey. Sure, she’s a liberal and a Bernie Sanders supporter but I don’t care. She’s a talented woman and I admire the fact that this young woman has got balls. Not afraid to speak her mind and she doesn’t care what anybody thinks.

She’s gonna take some time off from UFC to rest and heal up. Then she’ll start training again for her next fight.

Yeah, her knockout was pretty brutal but it still won’t stop her from fighting and winning. People act like she’ll get brain damage and stuff ’cause of it but nope. Something like that can easily get healed. It’s nothing. A knockout is no big deal.

Watch for it, y’all… this will only drive Ronda to become tougher, meaner and badder like I said before. She’s gonna want her revenge for sure and when she returns, she will come after Holly even more. I’m making an early prediction that Ronda will kick Holly’s ass next time.

Ronda’s an inspiration ’cause she doesn’t give up and she’s a fighter. Not just in the ring but in life too. Despite her left-wing politics, I still love Ronda and still a huge fan. She’ll quickly brush off her knockout and will strive to get better. Mark my words, y’all. She’s one tough chick. One knockout won’t bring her down at all.




Of course, Ronda is kind of b****y, they don’t call her Ronda “Rowdy” Rousey for no reason!

Everybody in social networking are going off saying how much of a bitch and a cunt Ronda Rousey is. Saying how she’s arrogant and having no class. All that stuff. Well, those are just some of the reasons why I like Ronda. Of course, she has that attitude. Why do you think she gave herself that name, “Rowdy”. She took that name from Rowdy Roddy Piper and she probably got the bad attitude from his wrestling character. Roddy Piper has always been a huge influence in Ronda. A lot of people are saying how they don’t like Ronda trash talking other fighters and other celebrities and stuff.

That’s the name of the game in Boxing and MMA. You’re gonna deal with a lot huge of egos and a lot of trash talking against each other. It’s what they do to put on a show. A lot of boxers and MMA fighters over the years always trash talk their opponents. Why do they do it? It’s simply because they’re intentionally trying to anger their opponent so they can put on a good fight. Get them all fired up.

Ronda’s bitchy and arrogant attitude is nothing new in the world of fighting sports.

Of course, Iron “Mike” Tyson and Muhammad Ali were also trash talkers in the boxing world. Those two guys had arrogant attitudes. Floyd Mayweather Jr. has an arrogant and egotistical attitude as well. What other MMA and UFC fighters had arrogant attitudes? Well Brock Lesnar for one and Anderson Silva too.

Everybody’s angry at Ronda’s attitude and if she’s pissing a bunch of people off then she’s doing something right, in my opinion. I think Ronda is one of the best trash talkers in the sporting world. A lot of people want to believe that Ronda starts fights with other people. Nah, not from what I see of her. You see, Ronda is the type of chick that if you start things with her, then she’ll come after you. Ronda is a girl who doesn’t like to be messed with. Read her book for proof on that.

Ronda is becoming the villain of the MMA world and it’s what she needs to do in order to keep people interested in watching her fights. Trash talking and shit talking other people is pretty much the name of the game of the fighting world. The fighting world is never gonna be friendly all the time and that’s just the way it is. Ronda just took it to a whole new level and remember, they don’t call her Ronda “Rowdy” Rousey for no reason!

People think her career is pretty much done after one loss but I don’t think so, y’all. Ronda has always been the type of person that she wants to be the better person than she was yesterday. In other words, moving forward to better things. That’s what she’s gonna do. I think Ronda will easily get her revenge at Holly. She’ll take the belt back with no problem. Ronda now knows about that high kick move that Holly just did so Ronda will watch out for that next time so beware, people. Ronda is gonna train a lot harder. One loss isn’t gonna end her career at all. I think she has plenty of fight left in her.

People are pretty intimidated by Ronda which is good and it’s what the MMA world needs. If she’s driving everybody crazy, it’s good for the sport. I’m predicting she’ll be around for a little while longer.


Ronda Rousey may have lost her undefeated streak in UFC but it won’t be the end of her…

Ronda maybe a libtard and a Bernie Sanders supporter but who cares… I’m still a fan of Ronda. A lot of haters are still trashing this woman saying that this is the end of Ronda and saying that she’s on her way out ’cause she had her first loss. Trust me, folks. This isn’t gonna be the end of Ronda… at least not yet. Ronda’s loss toward Holly Holm will only drive Ronda to become more tougher, angrier and meaner. I know how Ronda is. One loss won’t have an affect in her in anyway. I’m feeling a rematch is coming on and think there’s going to be a “Ronda vs. Holly 2”. Ronda’s gonna want her revenge, trust me.

Ronda may have lost her undefeated streak in UFC but hey 6 straight wins in a row is pretty impressive for Ronda.


I feel bad for Ronda but hey, one loss is nothing. She’s gonna brush it off and try to become an even better fighter. Her loss will be like a lesson for her. Ronda will come back and try to silence the haters once again. She’ll prove that her loss will only make her better and more aggressive.

The only way that she’ll be forced to retire from UFC is if she gets too many injuries or too many losses so she’s definitely not done yet. She’s definitely not done yet.


Ronda Rousey is right to go after Floyd Jr. about “domestic violence”, don’t listen to “Cyborg”…

Chris “Cyborg” Justino just recently called out Ronda Rousey for going after Floyd Mayweather Jr. about “domestic violence”. Cyborg says Ronda is wrong for calling out Floyd about his history of “domestic” violence on the ESPY awards earlier this year…


Floyd Jr. himself was quick to respond and says he wants to stay out of this debate since he “claims” he doesn’t know much about her.


Sounds to me that Floyd Jr. is scared to be beaten up by a “woman”, haha. That’s why he’s vowing to stay out.

Anyway, Floyd Jr. deserves to get called out for his history of “domestic violence”. Cyborg is full of it, in my opinion. Floyd Jr. doesn’t get any flak for his long history of beating up women ’cause he’s rich & famous. He should get “flak” for it and I give Ronda kudos for having the balls to call him out on his history of beating up women. Floyd Jr. deserves to get called out, why do people keep giving him a free pass because of him being rich and famous?

Ronda’s whole point of calling Floyd Jr. out on domestic violence is if he thinks he’s so tough beating up women, why don’t he step in the ring with Ronda? See how tough he really is? Of course, Floyd Jr. chickens out of her challenge. That says a lot about the man. Don’t let him think it’s okay to beat up women whenever he wants to.

Hey Cyborg, just a little advice for ya, hon… if you wanna call out Ronda and fight her in the Octagon, be careful what you wish for ’cause she’ll punish you… you won’t even last a minute in the Octagon with her.


Ronda Rousey is the most natural looking female athlete while Serena Williams looks all ‘roided up…

Who is more natural looking when it comes to bodybuilding physiques on female athletes?

I would say Ronda for sure. No hints of steroid use on Ronda at all but when you look at Serena Williams you can see plenty of hints that Serena is all ‘roided up. While Ronda is pretty muscular now… she looks like a real woman while Serena looks like she has a man’s physique. In other words, Ronda has a feminine physique while Serena’s physique is more masculine.

I mean look at Serena… that can’t be a woman’s body at all. Serena has very large forearms and she has extremely large quads on her legs. Was Serena born as a boy as well? Is Serena a fraud? Is she transgender and got herself into tennis so she (or he) can win championships ’cause Serena knew she (or he) wouldn’t make it in the men’s division? Who knows!


Will Ronda Rousey ever fight a man someday???

Yes, I think there’s a possibility that Ronda Rousey may get her chance to fight a man inside an MMA cage. That way she can prove that she can beat up men too; however, she already beat up men in the past before.  She beat up two big men in a movie theater once.


So when Ronda says she can beat up Floyd in a no rules fight, she probably could.


I would like to see her fight a man in an MMA cage… only problem with that is, I have a feeling that her male opponent might go “easy” on her ’cause he won’t feel comfortable hurting women, ya know? That’s the problem with male vs. female fighting. There’s all kinds of problems with male vs. female whether in boxing, MMA, etc. which is why those kind of fights never happen.

Who knows? It don’t hurt to try it for the first time with Ronda, ya know? Ronda beat up big guys before so it’s nothing knew with her. When she says she can beat up anybody in a no rules fight, it sounds like she really means it.

She’s a pretty tough lady for sure. Can’t be denied.

Funny thing about Ronda is that she looks  like a normal woman. She’s good  looking and sexy. She seems down to earth too but when she fights and when she gets pissed, watch out! You should be VERY scared of her. She’s an animal Ronda is.

I’m pretty sure she can knock out a man in 30 seconds as well. I love Ronda Rousey and after her last fight with Bethe Correia makes me respect Ronda even more.

When do you think Ronda is gonna retire from UFC and caged fighting? I think Ronda is gonna keep fighting and winning until she can’t fight anymore. One of these days something will happen to her and she’ll lose the undefeated streak somehow. She won’t leave fighting until she gets injured enough. When she does retire, I can see her becoming a movie actress full time ’cause that’s probably what she’s gonna do after but we’ll wait and see, though. Ronda is still young, she’s only 28 right now. I can see her retiring when she’s 35 or something like that.

She’s gonna be in UFC for a pretty long while. Brock Lesnar didn’t last long in UFC but Ronda will last longer.