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A vet jumps to his death at an Albany VA Medical Center, more proof that our vets are in danger…

Vets have died in VA hospitals and many are not getting the care they need in VA hospitals all across the US but even the VA is becoming a huge problem locally in Albany.

A young man who is a war vet jumped to his death off a parking garage at the Albany Stratton VA Medical Center.


I definitely blame this on the Washington, US Department of Veteran Affairs ’cause they are in charge of all VA medical centers across the US.

If you look at the Albany Stratton VA Med Center website, you can see it’s linked the US Dept. of VA.


Sucks to the young vet who jumped to his death but wonder what pushed him to do it? I think he was suffering some major health problems and he wasn’t getting the help he needed. He knew he was gonna die anyway and he didn’t want his death to be in that place. It’s probably a hell hole in those VA hospitals (almost like prison) ’cause vets aren’t getting the right care that they needed.

It’s real sad too. Our VA system is a mess and this is another reason why Donald Trump is getting my vote ’cause he’s gonna fix it all fast.


It’s only gonna get much worse too. Thanks Barack, you piece of garbage.