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Cool Video: “The Dark Knight: Rises” trailer is finally here!!!

Oh my! This movie is looking pretty fuckin’ amazing. I loved the trailer. Bane’s voice is scary as hell. Could that character easily top Heath Ledger’s, Joker? Yes, definitely! I love Batman and I’m definitely looking forward to this movie. Hopefully, Warner Bros. will release Zack Snyder’s “Man of Steel” trailer, after this. Enjoy.



Report: General Zod will be the next Superman villain…

While the story of the next “Superman” movie is being kept under wraps for now, the film makers announced that General Zod will be the film’s main villain. So does this mean, no Lex Luthor at all? The Hollywood Reporter, gives the exclusive news.

I’m all for Zod being the villain again, but as long as it’s not a remake of “Superman II”, I’m cool with it.

Terence Stamp would obviously be too old to reprise this role, so they’ll need a younger actor to fit the look above.


Report: Warner Bros. hires Christopher Nolan to mentor new Superman movie!!!

Warner Bros. studios has finally decided to move forward with the new “Superman” movie. As reported in the past, WB’s studios is at war with the Jerome Siegel heirs trying to own full copyright of the Superman character. The Siegel’s was awarded half of the copyrighted material of the Superman works, which means that WB’s will not be allowed to use them for their next film. So this means that WB’s will have to be careful with the material they put in the next film. Which I assume that is why they hired Christopher Nolan to mentor them. They did not hire Chris as a director, just a mentor. WB’s was ordered to get the new Superman movie done and released before 2013, if they don’t, they will get full copyright of the Superman character. Keep in mind, this will NOT be another sequel to Bryan Singer’s, “Superman: Returns”.

With Christopher Nolan helping out, the next Superman movie will probably be a lot darker. I hope so. It should be action packed as well. Stay away from romance with Lois Lane and concentrate on a real Superman movie, the way he was supposed to be. Superman should not be Brandon Routh again. And please, keep the classic John Williams Superman theme. I don’t think the Siegels own the copyright to the Williams theme song. I would think the score belongs to John Williams and WB’s, so I’m sure they’ll still get to use the theme song to open up the movie with.

I’m really looking forward to seeing what they’ll do with the new Superman movie as it will indeed be much different than the earlier films.

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