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Report: Michael Shannon confirms he’s in the mo-cap suit, mo-cap is also General Zod in CGI…

Ever since the Behind the Scenes pics of Snyder’s “Man of Steel” began surfacing the web, there is this mysterious guy in a mo-cap costume. The internet has been debating on trying to figure out who or what that mo-cap thing is. Well, the mo-cap mystery has finally been solved.

The guy in the mo-cap on the left, is indeed Michael Shannon. He also confirms that General Zod will be a CGI character.

More on it, here.

I kinda had a feeling it was Michael Shannon to begin with. So is Zod going to be a giant this time around?


Thought: Another reason General Zod was picked as the main villain for Superman…

Everyone is wondering why WB’s and Zack Snyder picked General Zod to be the villain again for the new Superman movie. Keep in mind that Warner Bros. and DC Comics are in a middle of a legal war with the Siegel heirs. WB’s, Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan are rushing this movie. Why? Because they need to get this movie started by 2011. Well it’s 2011, and this is why the movie is starting so quickly. WB’s and DC will lose all rights to Superman in 2013.

I’m pretty sure WB’s and Zack Snyder could use other Superman villains like Darksied, Brainiac, Metallo, or Doomsday easily, but creating those characters would take so long and would be very expensive to create. With use of CGI, costumes, and make up for those characters. I bet this is why they picked a human villain like Zod because it’s quicker to nail down.

I bet this is the main reason why Zod was picked. It’s their way of getting things done quickly because of this lawsuit against the Siegel heirs. Warner Bros./DC sued the Siegel’s in return to fight back for the full Superman rights, so if Warner Bros. win the full Superman rights, maybe they’ll use the other villains for the sequel if they do one?

Warner Bros. and the Siegel’s owns half of the Superman material, so we might not even see Superman in costume and Clark Kent in the new film. Not sure how they’re gonna do this film when the Siegel’s own most of the important material.

Read this earlier article on the Superman legal battle, here.

I pray Warner Bros. will win the full rights. I’m sure they will. The Siegel family are egotistical douchebags trying to make a huge pay day out of WB’s, that’s all they want. It’s about the money. The Siegel’s are greedy people and this is a harsh battle.

I bet this is another reason Zack was hired for “Superman” because Zack dealt with a similar copyright lawsuit with “Watchmen”, remember that legal battle? Zack was hired for “Superman” because he was brave enough to not care about this legal bullshit and get to work anyway.


Cool Video: Michael Shannon himself, talks about how he got the role as General Zod as Superman…

Michael Shannon, the actor himself is interviewed in front of an audience at this year’s RiverRun film convention. Michael admits he is very surprised to get the role as it did come to him quickly and out of no where, he never expected it. He also admitted that he thought the film makers were crazy when they wanted him for Zod. Michael talks about how he got the role and how he auditioned for it. Of course, he isn’t allowed to talk about the plot for the new “Superman” movie.

Michael seem like a very cool and down to earth guy. He looks very excited and psyched for the role too.

Enjoy the video, here.


Thought: Defending Michael Shannon as General Zod for “Superman”…

In other blogs and movie forums, I’m seeing a lot of mixed opinions on this casting and the choice of villain. Many people are disappointed that they are using General Zod again. Implying that General Zod has been used so much for other Superman movies. People are complaining that this could be a remake of “Superman II”. They are also saying that there are many other Superman villains that can be used for the next film, people are listing: Brainiac, Darksied, Toyman, Metallo, Doomsday, etc.

First of all, General Zod wasn’t used that much. He was only in a small scene for “Superman: The Movie” and had a leading role for “Superman II” as the film’s leading villain. That was all. I don’t know what people are complaining about.

Secondly, I think General Zod was picked because it was right for the story and it made a lot of sense to use him. I don’t think it will be a remake to “Superman II” because Zack Snyder said many times in his interviews that he hinted, Superman will be a different film than all the others. He said before, that this film will make you feel like there are no other Superman films. It’ll be realistic and something different.

General Zod is a psychotic character, that makes you want to hate the character. I think Michael Shannon will achieve that goal easily. Michael Shannon have played psycho villains in so many movies. Michael Shannon plays the best asshole in films. This is why he was landed the role for General Zod because it is what the character needed. A psycho madman that even you would be scared of him.

As for why they are using General Zod again, like Zack Snyder said, he was the only villain to get more insight out of Superman like no other villain could, and I agree. In “Superman II”, General Zod never knew who Kal-El was (Superman’s real name), but Zod knew his father, Jor-El from Krypton. Zod was the only villain to know who Supe’s real family was from the planet Krypton. Maybe that’s what the storyline will be for the next movie? It will reveal more about Superman’s past and the only villain who can do that is, General Zod.

I would also think, that another reason Zod was picked because he is Superman’s top villain. If they used any other villains, then this movie would probably bomb. If other villains were used, they would probably turn them into CGI characters. You don’t want that, do ya? I think it’s better using a human villain. General Zod was picked to help draw people to the film when it comes out.

I wish people wouldn’t bash this so early. Why? For a few reasons. We have no idea what the plot is going to be about and we haven’t even seen a trailer yet. The reason everyone is accusing this movie of being a remake of “Superman II” and the first movie is because that’s what it’s looking like so far. To me, that’s what the film makers want people to think. They want people think it will be a remake of the earlier movies at first, but when the plot and trailer comes out, it might be different. Zack Snyder and WB’s way of teasing us.

I think it’s a smart move to use General Zod again. Superman needs to be an action movie. The action for “Superman II” was very good, but that was back in the old days when CGI wasn’t around, they were using green screens back then. If this movie is using: Zod, Ursa and Non again, I think this will be a better action movie than “Superman II”.

General Zod is an important Superman villain. I think he was picked for a good reason, it wasn’t a random pick. I’m sure they could use other villains easily, but whatever is right for the story they need to do. I trust them with this movie, 100%. I believe they will make a great, “Superman” movie that everyone will be happy with.


BREAKING NEWS: The Superman villain that Michael Shannon will be playing have finally been announced, who is it? Click here to find out!!!

Well Michael Shannon is officially hired to play the leading villain for Zack Snyder’s “Superman”. Who will Michael be playing?

Read this article at Deadline, find out yourself, here.

Surprised that they are using General Zod again? I’m certainly not surprised but I’m sure Michael Shannon will nail the role with no problem. I’m sure he can do the, “Kneel before Zod”, catchphrase nicely which I can’t wait to hear him say it. Will his General Zod character match the Terence Stamp character from “Superman II”? I hope not. I hope this version will take a different direction.


Report: Will Ursa be the main villain for the next “Superman” movie???

Superman’s undisclosed villain have been leaked to the web a couple of days ago. That villain happens to be Ursa. One of the three super-villains from “Superman: The Movie” and “Superman II”, who had General Zod and Non by her side. Ursa is that scary and evil looking woman, pictured above, who was originally played by, Sarah Douglas.

It is rumored that three different actresses are in the runners-up for the role, Alice Eve, Diane Kruger, and Rosamund Pike. Read the full article, here.

Today, Diane Kruger, just denied involvement with the role.

The character of Ursa have not yet been confirmed by Warner Bros. or Chris Nolan but I’m sure we’ll hear from them soon on whether this news is true or not.

Many Superman fans hate this idea I’m noticing because some don’t want another Kryptonian as the villain. Honestly, I think having Ursa as the main villain for the next Superman movie a good idea. As long as they don’t have General Zod and Non by her side, it could be an original movie, and not be a remake of Superman II. The Ursa character could be used more, as she wasn’t used much in the Superman comics, animated series, and the films.

Ursa is a character who hates men and she enjoys killing men. The only reason she teamed up with General Zod and Non, even if they are men is because they have similar powers as her. Superman having a female villain would be cool. I thought Ursa was a great character in “Superman II”, it’s one of those villains that makes you want to really hate. If they use Ursa for the next movie, they’ll probably make her sexier looking though.


Report: General Zod will be the next Superman villain…

While the story of the next “Superman” movie is being kept under wraps for now, the film makers announced that General Zod will be the film’s main villain. So does this mean, no Lex Luthor at all? The Hollywood Reporter, gives the exclusive news.

I’m all for Zod being the villain again, but as long as it’s not a remake of “Superman II”, I’m cool with it.

Terence Stamp would obviously be too old to reprise this role, so they’ll need a younger actor to fit the look above.