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Thought: WTF??? Was Captain Kirk and Uhura ever in love?

So you’ve seen the “Star Trek” trailer I posted here in the blog. And you see a young Captain Kirk getting it on with a young Uhura. I’m sure those of you who are not much of a Star Trek fan and you’re thinking to yourselves, “WTF? Was Captain Kirk and Uhura ever in love?”

In answer to your question…yes, they were at one point…since JJ Abrams goal with the new “Star Trek” movie to be a complete homage to the original series…that is why he had to throw the Kirk and Uhura relationship in there.

Captain James T. Kirk had always been known to be a womanizer in the series and the films. In the earlier episodes of the original Star Trek series, there is one episode where Kirk and Uhura were intimate.

The video below…


Report: Ok, George Takei says he “DID” invite Shatner to the wedding but never responded…

Well, it didn’t take long for George Takei to pick up on William Shatner’s videoblog on him ranting about that he wasn’t invited to George and Brad’s wedding. Turns out, that George Takei DID invite Shatner to the wedding. George had a rep send Shatner an invite but Shatner never responded. It was done through Shatner’s manager. It’s been said that Shatner didn’t respond back because he was busy at the time.

TMZ reports:


Here’s a word of advice for ya Bill Shatner, get your facts straight before lashing out at someone. Do yourself a favor and stop whining about things in your videoblogs, go back to doing priceline commercials and writing Star Trek books, the more you bitch about things in your videoblogs with your hot looking daughter, you’re looking like an egomaniac. Don’t take the high road, Bill Shat.


Report: William Shatner responds to JJ Abrams in videoblog…

William Shatner himself responds back to JJ Abrams on why Captain Kirk isn’t in the new Star Trek movie in a videoblog made by Bill and his daughter Liz. 

Bill says he didn’t know Kirk was written a cameo and Bill said JJ never asked him to be in it. Bill also explains how he already brought Captain Kirk to life in one of his novels (“The Return” pictured above, that’s the book Bill is referring to, the book is a sequel to “Star Trek: Generations” movie). Bill explains that it was easy to bring Captain Kirk back to life while JJ said it was difficult to do. Bill has nothing against JJ Abrams as he likes JJ as a director and respects him as a person. Bill just feels dissapointed that he isn’t in the new film.

So there you have it. See the video below. Bill’s daughter Liz is very cute looking, she definitely looks like she’s in a legal age, I would say Liz is around her late 20’s, early 30’s, definitely a little around my age I would say. I could date someone like her.


Report: JJ Abrams explains why no William Shatner for Star Trek XI…

The “Star Trek” XI helmer JJ Abrams finally opens up on the real reason why William Shatner will not appear in the new upcoming Star Trek film to reprise his role as the adult James T. Kirk. The young James T. Kirk is played by Chris Pine.

JJ said he and the film makers has written a short cameo for Shatner in a quick flashback scene, but Shatner did not want a cameo. He wanted to be in throughout the entire film and be the leading role, he also wanted the film to be about the adult Captain Kirk. The film makers had already planned that they wanted the cast focused on the younger generation of Trek.

Plus, Captain James T. Kirk died at the end of “Star Trek: Generations” and they couldn’t come up with any possible way to bring the character back to life, so they just moved on without the adult Kirk. The adult Spock will be in the new Trek movie, but not Kirk.

More on it here:


While I’m sure everyone wants to see William Shatner back in the new Star Trek movie, I would agree that it’s a good idea to keep Kirk out. I want to see the adult Spock played by Leonard Nimoy be the star here without William Shatner hogging the spotlight. The movie will do fine in box office without William Shatner. Spock still being played by Nimoy is all we need.

I mean, it wasn’t easy for the writers to figure out how to bring Spock back to life to make the character return in “Star Trek III: The Search For Spock”, the same it would be for Captain Kirk. There’s no sense of wasting years and years of hard work trying to figure out ways to bring Kirk back. So the writers of the new Trek movie had no choice but to move on without the adult Kirk and just focus on the young one.


Report: William Shatner supports George Takei about gay wedding…

If you’re expecting William Shatner to attend George Takei’s and Brad Altman’s gay wedding for the Shat to witness them get hitched in person, don’t count on it. It’s very unlikely that George Takei is going to invite the Shat to the wedding. Takei explained many times in interviews on TV that he had a fallen out with the Shat, in other words, not getting along with each other. The Shat still supports Takei by sending him wedding wishes even though he knows he won’t be invited.

More on it here:


It’s good to see Shat still being supportive of George.

If you think William Shatner is a super nice guy with a wild sense of humor, in reality, I’m sure he is a complicated and difficult guy to get along with.

After Shat whining about not being in “Star Trek XI” for months and months, just shows it.


Report: Bill Shat to direct a comedy film…

William Shatner is always keeping himself busy. Does this man ever get bored? I don’t think he does. This guy goes from doing a music album with Ben Folds with his CD “Has Been”, he goes from writing science fiction novels, then he goes back to TV for the show “Boston Legal”, and now the Shat is signed to direct his first comedy film titled “Shiva Crashers”.

The Shat came up with the story himself, not sure if Shatner will write the script for the film as well.

There are a large number of big name stars interested in working with Shatner in the film, as I’m sure Bill Shat himself will play a small cameo in his own film.


I’m glad he’s finally got the opportunity to direct his own comedy film. Everyone knows that Shatner has a hilarious and out of this world sense of humor. With him doing this comedy film, he can finally show off his “comedy” side in a film.

I’m already looking forward to this!