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Report: William Shatner set to roast Charlie Sheen on Comedy Central’s “The Roast”…

William Shatner once got roasted on Comedy Central’s “The Roast”, now he gets to roast somebody else. The Shat is set to roast Charlie Sheen, which will air on Comedy Central, Sept. 19th, @ 10:00 p.m. Other roastees for Charlie Sheen will be Mike Tyson, Jon Lovitz, Slash, Kate Walsh, and more.

Read more on it, here.

I’m gonna be sure to watch this. Who will roast Charlie the hardest? I think, The Shat, has what it takes to piss Charlie off. It’s going to be hard to piss Charlie off ’cause I’m sure he’ll be laughing throughout the whole show, but if there will be somebody that will piss him off, Will Shatner will do that job. I’m sure “Iron” Mike will do a good job too.

Looking forward to seeing this.



Happy 80th William Shatner!!! :-)


I have followed William Shatner’s career for years. You have to give so much respect for this great man. He’s an American icon, and one of the true legends in the entertainment business, in my opinion. This man has done it all. He’s done everything in the entertainment business, that he could run out of things to do.

Lets look at all the things he has done over the years:

  • Movie actor for the big screen
  • TV actor – for commercials, sitcoms and a handful of other shows…
  • TV show host – from “Rescue 911” to “Shit My Dad Says”, etc. list goes on….
  • Film director
  • Screenwriter
  • Stand up comic
  • Novelist/writer (he’s written a handful of Star Trek books, biographies, and the “Tek War” series)
  • Spoken word musician/singer
  • Professional wrestler (yes, he did that too)

I think that pretty much covers it. I don’t think there is anything he hasn’t done yet. He’s 80 years old, still doing the things he loves doing. He hasn’t retired yet. I don’t think he will call it quits until the day he dies. It’s amazing he’s 80 years old and hard to believe too.

Congrats Shat, and happy birthday, man! You’re such a huge inspiration to me!


Thought: Other than William Shatner… will other “Trek” cast mates appear in the upcoming sequels???

There are talks of William Shatner returning to “Star Trek” sequel by JJ Abrams. What about the other original cast mates appearing in the next movie? Do you think it’s possible if they can bring back George Takei as the original Sulu, James Doohan as Scotty, Walter Koenig as Chekov and Nichelle Nichols as the original Uhura to make cameos in the next one too?

Will they even somehow throw in Captain Picard if Patrick Stewart agrees to make a Star Trek return?

It’s funny how everyone wants Kirk and Spock back into the new movies when they forget the other cast mates. I’m sure JJ will somehow write in a cameo spot for other Star Trek actors.

Kirstie Alley made a cameo in JJ’s “Star Trek”, as you may or may not know, Kirstie Alley played one of the leading characters, Lt. Saavik in “Star Trek II, III, and IV”.


Report: “Star Trek” film makers admits William Shatner was written as a cameo in the script but had to scrap it…***SPOILERS***

One of “Star Trek’s” writers, Roberto Orci, admits that William Shatner was written in the script for a cameo and they originally had William Shatner do the, “Space, the Final Frontier” narrative voice over at the end, but they took that out too, find out all about it here…

If you haven’t seen the new “Star Trek” movie yet, DO NOT read this article, there are major spoilers in the storyline here:



I’m sure they’ll find a way to bring William Shatner back in the next movie though. They’ll have plenty of time to come up with the right ways to bring him back that’ll make some sense.

Remember that when William Shatner claimed that the new “Star Trek” movie will bomb without him? Well it didn’t!!!! I’ve been saying that from day 1.


Report: Captain Kirks and Darth Vaders to provide voice overs for 3D animated, “Quantum Quest”…

The NASA space program has announced, they are working on a 3D animated movie titled, “Quantum Quest”. NASA has recently signed the two Captain Kirk actors William Shatner and Chris Pine, also the two Darth Vader actors Hayden Christensen and James Earl Jones to provide the leading voice overs for “Quantum Quest”.

Also in the cast are: Samuel L. Jackson, Amanda Peet, Jason Alexander (“Seinfeld” actor), Sandra Oh, Mark Hamill, Spencer Breslin, and the real life astronaut, the first human being to step on the moon ever, Neil Armstrong, will also provide voice overs for this animated film.

While Shatner missed out the opportunity to star in JJ Abrams “Star Trek”, at least he’ll get the opportunity to star in a film with Chris Pine is better than nothing.

Variety Reports:


Sounds very cool, and interesting.