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RIP: Leonard Nimoy 1931 – 2015


As some of you know, I’m a huge Star Trek fan so I guess you can say that I’m a Trekkie. Have been ever since I was a child. I was obsessed with the original Star Trek series when I was a kid and I still love that show today. I also loved all of the 6 original Star Trek films that Leonard starred in as Spock: “Star Trek: The Motion Picture”, “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan”, “Star Trek III: The Search For Spock”, “Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home”, “Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country” and Leonard once again reprised his role as Spock for JJ Abrams, “Star Trek” film. He also had a cameo in “Star Trek Into Darkness”.

While most people remember Leonard as an actor who played the legendary Spock, he was more than just that. Leonard was a multi-talented man. He did it all in the entertainment business. You name it, he did it. He was an actor, film director, screenwriter, poet, author, singer/musician and photographer. He did release his own music albums and published his own books over the years.

As a film director, he did direct other films besides “Star Trek III” and “Star Trek IV” in which he was the director of those two movies. He was also the director of the comedy film, “Three Men and a Baby” in which I’m sure most of us seen.

Leonard passed away at his Bel Air home, he was 83 years old.


Look like William Shatner may finally get his wish, he may appear in “Star Trek 3″…

When the first Star Trek movie came out, I remember that William Shatner desperately wanted to return as Captain Kirk just like Leonard Nimoy returned as Spock for the first film. However, JJ Abrams didn’t want Kirk to return to the first film since Kirk got killed off in “Star Trek: Generations”. Remember, JJ and Bill Shatner had a little public feud ’cause JJ wouldn’t have him in the film? I’ll never forget that feud as it was entertaining as hell stuff!

Well, it’s looking like that JJ wants the original Captain Kirk back in the film with Leonard as Spock. The original Cpt. Kirk and Spock to reunite in the next Star Trek film? If that’s gonna happen which probably will, I’ll go see it.

Even if the original Cpt. Kirk got killed off in an earlier Star Trek movie, I’m sure they’ll find a way to bring him back. Keep in mind, Bill Shatner is a sci-fi writer himself so I’m sure he’ll give JJ some ideas.

“Star Trek: Into Darkness” was a horrible film and I’m sure the next film won’t be any better but I’ll go see it if the original Cpt. Kirk and Spock are gonna reunite. That’ll be pretty cool to see.



Report: Leonard Nimoy is done with Spock for good…

The 80 year old actor, Leonard Nimoy, attended his last “Star Trek” convention in Chicago, for the celebration of the “Star Trek – 45th Anniversary”. Earlier this year, Leonard announced he is retiring from acting. What better ways to make it official at a Star Trek convention, right? Leonard gave a speech to the fans for about an hour and ended the speech by saying his famous catchphrase, “Live long and prosper”, then giving his famous Spock hand signal.

Read the full story, here.

While most people know Leonard as Spock, he has done other things in his career other than the Spock role. He is a film director himself, a book author, and he’s even had a short music career of his own.

As a big Star Trek junkie myself, I wish I could have been at that Star Trek convention to see Leonard’s speech. He is a very talented and hard working man, he always got my respect. It’s understandable why he wants to retire from everything, since he’s getting old.

I wonder how much longer, William Shatner  is going to keep working for his career? The Shat will have to hang it up at some point as well because he is getting close to Leonard’s age.

Thanks for everything, Leonard!


Cool Video: “Star Trek” video game trailer is now online!!!

Star Trek the Videogame trailer has surfaced the web today, brought to you by IGN. As expected, the game looks impressive. Yes, the trailer does show game play footage from the game.

Hopefully, it’ll be a long game and won’t be too easy to play. I hate those kind of games when you get excited for something, the game turned out to be too short and too easy to finish.


Report: “Star Trek” film makers admits William Shatner was written as a cameo in the script but had to scrap it…***SPOILERS***

One of “Star Trek’s” writers, Roberto Orci, admits that William Shatner was written in the script for a cameo and they originally had William Shatner do the, “Space, the Final Frontier” narrative voice over at the end, but they took that out too, find out all about it here…

If you haven’t seen the new “Star Trek” movie yet, DO NOT read this article, there are major spoilers in the storyline here:



I’m sure they’ll find a way to bring William Shatner back in the next movie though. They’ll have plenty of time to come up with the right ways to bring him back that’ll make some sense.

Remember that when William Shatner claimed that the new “Star Trek” movie will bomb without him? Well it didn’t!!!! I’ve been saying that from day 1.