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Report: Kiefer Sutherland will voice Solid Snake for “Metal Gear Solid 5” video game!!!

This is pretty cool and interesting so this is worth posting! Kiefer has agreed to voice, Solid Snake, for “Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain”. Solid Snake is one of the most iconic characters in video gaming history. While it’s kind of sad that David Hayter won’t be voicing Snake in this game, I can go with Kiefer as the character. I’ve always thought Kiefer reminded me of the Snake character of “Metal Gear Solid”. Kiefer never voiced a video game before, I don’t think — so this is interesting. Really looking forward to this one.

The “Metal Gear Solid” games are pretty sweet. I only played “Metal Gear Solid 4”, I haven’t played the first 3 yet but want to. Even though I haven’t played the earlier Metal Gear Solid games, the Metal Gear Solid – HD Collection is coming out for the PS3, June 12th. I’m definitely gonna be buying that so I’ll play the earlier MGS games then. These games are so fun to play ’cause stealth is fun. Ya know, “stealth”, you have to hide and you can’t get caught.

Read more on the story, here.


Cool Video: “Star Trek” video game trailer is now online!!!

Star Trek the Videogame trailer has surfaced the web today, brought to you by IGN. As expected, the game looks impressive. Yes, the trailer does show game play footage from the game.

Hopefully, it’ll be a long game and won’t be too easy to play. I hate those kind of games when you get excited for something, the game turned out to be too short and too easy to finish.


Report: New “Star Trek” video game is on the way!!!

Last year, Cryptic Studios released a Star Trek game, called, “Star Trek Online”. Which is an online multi-player game for the PC only. Just announced earlier this week, Paramount announced that there will be a new “Star Trek” video game that will be available for the PS3, Xbox, and PC. The new “Star Trek” game will be adapted from JJ Abrams 2009’s “Star Trek” movie. The new game will continue the adventure from that film, and you’ll get to play either Spock or Kirk. The new “Star Trek” game will be released sometime next year in 2012.

More on it, here.

As a huge Star Trek fan, I’m very excited for this, so I’ll definitely be getting it. I wonder if they’re going to have Zachary Quinto and Chris Pine voice for Spock and Kirk?

I’m sure it’ll be a nice game.