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Look like William Shatner may finally get his wish, he may appear in “Star Trek 3″…

When the first Star Trek movie came out, I remember that William Shatner desperately wanted to return as Captain Kirk just like Leonard Nimoy returned as Spock for the first film. However, JJ Abrams didn’t want Kirk to return to the first film since Kirk got killed off in “Star Trek: Generations”. Remember, JJ and Bill Shatner had a little public feud ’cause JJ wouldn’t have him in the film? I’ll never forget that feud as it was entertaining as hell stuff!

Well, it’s looking like that JJ wants the original Captain Kirk back in the film with Leonard as Spock. The original Cpt. Kirk and Spock to reunite in the next Star Trek film? If that’s gonna happen which probably will, I’ll go see it.

Even if the original Cpt. Kirk got killed off in an earlier Star Trek movie, I’m sure they’ll find a way to bring him back. Keep in mind, Bill Shatner is a sci-fi writer himself so I’m sure he’ll give JJ some ideas.

“Star Trek: Into Darkness” was a horrible film and I’m sure the next film won’t be any better but I’ll go see it if the original Cpt. Kirk and Spock are gonna reunite. That’ll be pretty cool to see.



Happy 82nd Birthday to William Shatner!!!

I usually wish the Shat, a happy birthday every year in my blog. Why? Because he’s a hero and inspiration to me. Love the guy! I’ve looked after him, my whole life. He is a man of many talents. He has done everything you could think of in the entertainment business. He was an actor most notably, but he was also a spoken word singer, TV show host, comedian, science fiction writer & non fiction author, former professional wrestler (yes, he worked for the WWF for a little bit), and he was many other things. I don’t know how he does it, but the man keeps himself busy, all the time. That’s part of why he is such an inspiration. He’s a work horse for sure. Plus, he’s an entertaining and funny as hell guy. He treated his career in a positive direction too. Happy Birthday, Shat! Enjoy yourself, where ever you are!


Cool Video: “Star Trek” video game trailer is now online!!!

Star Trek the Videogame trailer has surfaced the web today, brought to you by IGN. As expected, the game looks impressive. Yes, the trailer does show game play footage from the game.

Hopefully, it’ll be a long game and won’t be too easy to play. I hate those kind of games when you get excited for something, the game turned out to be too short and too easy to finish.