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Willow Smith signing with modelling agency… my thoughts…

This is sparking a pretty big debate online and I just wanted to give my thoughts on this. Willow Smith, the daughter of Will and Jada has just signed to a modelling agency… the same agency that Kendell Jenner is signed under.

There a lot of arguments that Willow is too young to model since she’s 14 and they’re accusing her of getting a modelling career ’cause of her rich parents. Both of those are bullshit and I’m about to defend Willow and her parents.


You see, age doesn’t make a difference when you want to become a model. There are plenty of young children and teens with modeling careers out there… trust me. As long as they are under the consent with their parents,  it’s fine.  That’s how Willow got the opportunity to become a young model is by the consent of her parents. Maybe this is something Willow always wanted to do? That ridiculous statement, “it’s because of her rich parents” is bullshit. People make claims that to become a model you make your way up to it with hard work but you don’t have to. As long as you have the “good” looks then anybody can become a model, ya know?

People are freakin’ out that she’s too young. Calm down people. I’m pretty sure she won’t be allowed to look sexy like showing a lot of skin and stuff ’cause I know Will and Jada will not permit it. I’m pretty sure Jada will be in present at all of Willow’s photoshoots anyway.

You can’t deny that Willow is gorgeous and she’s gonna have a great modeling career.


Report: First, “The Karate Kid” remake…now Will Smith is moving forward with the “Annie” remake starring his daughter, Willow Smith…

Announced today, Overbrook Entertainment has teamed up with Sony Pictures to work with Will Smith and Jay-Z on bringing an “Annie” remake to the big screen. They have already signed, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett’s daughter, Willow Smith to play the leading role. In the 1982 original, Aileen Quinn, played the Annie role, it looks like Willow will be playing that role. Oliver Warbucks was played by the great, Albert Finney.

Read the full story at, Deadline.

So what we’re getting is an “Annie” version for blacks? There will be rap and R&B songs being sung throughout the film? That’s what it’s looking like.

What black actor will land the Oliver Warbucks role? It wouldn’t surprise me if Will Smith himself signs on that to that role. Wonder how they’re gonna do the B&O Bridge scene at the end of the movie? They will obviously change the “Annie” name of the leading character, to give it a black feeling.

I’m not trying to sound like a racist or anything but I don’t like this idea. “The Karate Kid” remake they did was actually a very good movie, but this one is going to suck. I used to be obsessed with the “Annie” movie when I was a kid. Used to watch it all the time. Do the black people really want an “Annie” remake? This might be popular with black children, but the adults I can’t see them getting into this.