NEW: “Kung Fu Panda” premiere at Cannes…PHOTOS…

Jack, “Come on, take a picture of my big ass, will ya.” (note the cameraman behind Jack pointing the camera at Jack’s ass)

A pregnant Angelina Jolie arrives at Cannes, damn she’s gotten BIG! She’s definitely having twins or triplets for sure!

Um…leave your clothes on Jack please!!!

Jack acting goofy as usual.

Wait…is that Dustin Hoffman? Yep, he does a voiceover for Kung Fu Panda as well.

Dustin not only poses for photographers, he poses with them too!

Dustin, Angelina and Jack being in a good mood. Oh my, Angelina is just as fat as Jack! Yikes!

More Cannes photos to come as I find ’em.



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