NEW: “Vicky Christina Barcelona” premiere at Cannes… PHOTOS…

Penelope Cruz, Woody Allen and actress Rebecca Hall posing for photogs.

Penelope Cruz looking gorgeous!

Penelope leaving photocall after her photo session is done.

Photog #1: “Oh my, she looks beautiful”, Photog #2 “I’m about to drop my camera because of her smile”, Photog #3: “Please turn your head this way sweetheart”, Photog #4: “Penelope want to hang out with me after this?”


That’s all for now, no word if Scarlett Johansson appeared at Cannes or not but I’m looking.


0 thoughts on “NEW: “Vicky Christina Barcelona” premiere at Cannes… PHOTOS…”

  1. Another movie about a tree some a cheating fiance and two american women for fall for a out of mind artist while vacationing. Sure makes a point about the finality of love, fedility, and the ability to say no. In the case of Rebeccas Hall character it is amazing that we as movie goers want to see that type of ruined relationship. A woamn who can get away with it getting away with it. Oh well and now the movie is rated PG-13 so no skin will actually be seen between the scene we all want to see. . . . . Cruz and Johansen.

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