Report: Steven Tyler of Aerosmith checks into rehab…

Steven Tyler the longtime frontman for the legendary Aerosmith just checked himself into drug rehab at the Las Encinas Hospital drug rehab clinic, the same place where celebrity doctor and psychiatrist Dr. Drew Pinsky works and where the TV show “Celebrity Rehab” was filmed.

The singer is getting treatment for substance abuse.

TMZ reports:

Steven’s doing a good thing. Drugs are bad.



0 thoughts on “Report: Steven Tyler of Aerosmith checks into rehab…”

  1. Now as I was saying, drugs are bad, mmmmkay? So don’t do drugs, cause they’re bad, mmmkay? And if you do drugs, you’re bad, mmmkay? Cause drugs are bad, mmmkay?

  2. I wonder if Steven Tyler is back for the krel, the horse, or the booze? Maybe it’s subscription pills like this oxycontin or zorivax.

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