Report: The Hef wants Robert Downey Jr. for Hugh Hefner biopic film…

Hugh Hefner the owner of the Playboy empire has just seen “Iron Man” recently and The Hef loved the film too much, that he’d think Robert Downey Jr. would be perfect to play himself in the upcoming Hugh Hefner biopic film. Currently the title to the Hugh Hefner biopic is “Playboy” but I’m sure it will be changed to a better title down the road.

Hugh Hefner grew up in Chicago where he began as a cartoonist, then he moved to Califonia to launch Playboy after he came up with the idea for the magazine, of course, the business started off small which grew into a huge empire like it is now. The first celebrity to appear nude in the magazine was of course no one other than Marilyn Monroe for the first Playboy issue.

More on the story here:,CST-NWS-hef23.article

What a really good choice for Hugh Hefner! I always thought Robert Downey Jr. reminded me of a young Hef.

The question is, will the real Hugh Hefner play himself in the movie when the Hugh character in the film reaches his own age? That be quite a surprise if the film give Hugh himself an acting role.

Hugh Hefner deserves his own biopic. While he is a rich man who owns an empire, he seems like a very nice and down to earth man who doesn’t have any ego in him at all.

A man like Hugh who can stay alive this long deserves all the respect. Hugh Hefner is the man and always will be!



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