Thought: David Cook, the Idol winner is fantastic!

I hardily ever like any of the singers on American Idol in the past, but David Cook is actually really great. He is a good choice for a winner. He’s got a good range and perfect voice for rock music. Since I didn’t watch this year’s Idol, I’ve been in youtbe watching David Cook’s performances. I think I’m sold to this guy, he’s pretty impressive. Watch out Chris Daughtry, Cook could be the next big rock star. Finally, Idol picked a good choice!

Check out a few videos below.

P.S. In the “Baba O’ Reilly” video is that David Cook using one of Eddie Van Halen’s customized amps? 🙂


Cook performing U2’s “Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For”

Cook performing Beatles “Day Tripper” on the electric guitar

Cook performing the Guess Who’s “All Right Now”

Cook performing the Who’s “Baba O’ Reilly”


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