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Thought: David Cook, the Idol winner is fantastic!

I hardily ever like any of the singers on American Idol in the past, but David Cook is actually really great. He is a good choice for a winner. He’s got a good range and perfect voice for rock music. Since I didn’t watch this year’s Idol, I’ve been in youtbe watching David Cook’s performances. I think I’m sold to this guy, he’s pretty impressive. Watch out Chris Daughtry, Cook could be the next big rock star. Finally, Idol picked a good choice!

Check out a few videos below.

P.S. In the “Baba O’ Reilly” video is that David Cook using one of Eddie Van Halen’s customized amps? 🙂


Cook performing U2’s “Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For”

Cook performing Beatles “Day Tripper” on the electric guitar

Cook performing the Guess Who’s “All Right Now”

Cook performing the Who’s “Baba O’ Reilly”


Report: David Cook wins American Idol this year…

The singer that once performed Chris Cornell’s version of Jackson’s “Billie Jean”, David Cook is the winner of this year’s American Idol.

David Cook is the first “rock” singer who plays real instruments to win the competition. Most of the winners over the years were pop singers and country singers. All the male rock artists never won American Idol although they tried.

The Associated Press reports:


Wow! I hate American Idol but I’m shocked that they gave a rock artist a chance! Holy shit!

Over the years of American Idol, most viewers would vote on talent over the good looks and totally ignore the talent.

I guess America wants artists with real talent who play instruments and sing for real. Now it makes me wish I watched A.I. this year. It’s about time that American Idol is about to change with people that wanting to play real instruments, instead of Idol’s typical karaoke thing.

Idol sounds decent this year.



Report: Chris Cornell speaks on Idol’s David Cook for “Billie Jean” cover…

Chris Cornell the former frontman for Soundgarden/Temple of the Dog/Audioslave recently saw David Cook’s performance of the Chris Cornell version of “Billie Jean”, a Michael Jackson cover on American Idol. Cornell says he was actually impressed with David’s singing and flattered that Cornell got the shout out on Idol. Cornell says that Cook sang the song almost note for note, sang it exactly the same way Cornell sang it. (see the videos below for proof). Cornell goes on saying that he is so proud of his version and wanted to know that he did it first.

Billboard reports:


I don’t know what Chris Cornell is smokin’, but David Cook’s voice sound nothing like Cornell’s, not even close. I totally agree that Cook sang it “great”, but no where near Cornell’s range.

Cornell should appreciate to what Cook did for him rather than putting him down, Cornell is acting like his version is better.

I dont’ watch Idol anymore but I’ll have to start watching again, I stopped watching a few years ago. I’ve been hearing that Idol has been using live bands and using real instruments more than the “karaoke” thing, which is cool.