For the past few weeks in the R. Kelly child pornography trial, R. Kelly and his attorneys has maintained that there is no mole on R. Kelly’s back in the video and the naked black man having sex with an underage girl on the videotape is not him. Yesterday on Thursday a video forensics expert named Grant Fredericks was brought in to get more deeper into the video. Fredericks successfully found the mole on the back of the man in the video in the same spot that was described where the mole was.

Kelly’s attorney Ed Genson continue to cover up and claim that the mole in the video is at a different spot and could be a technical imperfection. Kelly’s attorneys continue to maintain it is not R. Kelly in the video.

The Associated Press reports:

R. Kelly will soon be singing “I Believe I Can Fly” in prison. They honestly think they can get away with this one.

*waits for R. Kelly fans to come to this blog to defend him*




0 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: MOLE FOUND ON R. KELLY’S BACK!!!!!!!!!!!”

  1. The girl in that video they claim was under age knew what she was doing to so quit hating on R.Kelly it probaly wasn’t even him i just turned 21&i’ll jump on R.Kellys dick&ride him all night long and suck his dick. alot of his fans like myself still love him&his music. and its alot of women across this beatiful world that do support kells and men as well&no before someone write in and say something bad about me wanting to fuck kells&suck his dick im not a ho i just love good loving i am in college pre-med but Dr. are not i myself,we,us still have alot of freak in us i know i do

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