Report: Ellen Degeneres and Rachael Ray wins Emmy, “General Hospital” wins 10…

TV star Ellen Degeneres won an Emmy Award for “Best TV Talk Show Host” at this year’s Emmy, this is her fourth award. Albany’s own Rachael Ray wins Best TV Enetertainment category, look like her kefiyeh scarf didn’t stop her from winning!

The popular soap opera “General Hospital”, won the most at the Emmy’s, they picked up a total of 10. “Days of Our Lives”, “Young and the Restless” and “Guiding Light” was nominated several awards but “General Hospital” swept ’em all up.

Variety Reports:

It’s no surprise that “General Hospital” got the most. That show’s been getting a lot of buzz lately so it must be a pretty popular show right now.

I also kind of already predicted Ellen was going to win too.



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