Report: “Inglorious Bastards” confirmed to be two seperate films…

Ain’t It Cool exclusively reported that Quentin Tarantino’s long awaited World War II epic “Inglorious Bastards” will be two seperate films. Tarantino spent years and years writing the script, since having finally finishing the script, the film will be too long so they had no choice but to make it two. While Tarantino has announced he will start production on the film after all these years, he is still keeping the casting under wraps.

It is still being rumoured to this day that Sylvester Stallone has been signed to play the leading role in “Inglorious Bastards”, Sly and Quentin both has denied it.

Aint It Cool reports:

If Sly Stallone is not in this movie at all, then I won’t see it in theater. Seriously. This movie has Sylvester Stallone written all over it, everyone wants to see him in this film. Quentin and Sly should give what the public wants and let Stallone star in it. Everyone knows this is a perfect project for Sly that’s why he’s been rumoured to be in this for a long time. I hope Quentin gets Sly for this.

It’s no secret Quentin is a huge fan of Sly’s work. Quentin has been trying to get Sly Stallone for his movies for a long time. In many of Quentin’s interviews, I remember Quentin saying he tried to get Sly for movies like “Reservoir Dogs”, “Jackie Brown” and “Pulp Fiction” but Sly either turned them all down or wasn’t available when Quentin tried to ask him. I’m sure you Quentin fans all know that Quentin talks about Sly in interviews all the time.



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