Thought: Will Adam West be at “The Dark Knight” premiere?

“The Dark Knight” premiere is in just a few weeks and you gotta wonder, will Adam West, the very first Batman actor appear at the premiere of “The Dark Knight” in New York City?

On the day of the premiere, keep an eye out for this blog as I will be posting pics of celebrity turn outs at the premiere. I’m positive “The Dark Knight” premiere will be mobbed with celebrities all over the place in New York City. Heath Ledger had a lot of celeb friends.

Adam West’s “Batman: The Movie” the very first original Batman film made in 1989 is coming out on BluRay. So you think he might just be at “The Dark Knight” premiere to help promote the BluRay too. If he’s there I’m sure it’ll be all over the news.

I’m getting stoked over the “Dark Knight” can’t believe it’s almost here already! I think it’s gonna be the best film all year long, it will probably be even better than the new “Rambo”. “The Dark Knight” is two weeks away!



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