Report: Robert Downey Jr. signs on to star as “Sherlock Holmes” directed by Guy Ritchie…

Iron Man’s Robert Downey Jr. has signed on and confirmed a deal to star in Guy Ritchie’s version of the “Sherlock Holmes” movie. Robert will be playing the legendary fictional detective, Sherlock Holmes. The film will begin shooting in October and the script was written by Anthony Peckham.

There is another Sherlock Holmes movie in the works but the other one will be a slapstick comedy version which will star Sascha Baron Cohen as Sherlock Holmes and will star alongside Will Ferrell. So we get two Sherlock Holmes movies on the way. One serious one and the other is a comedy version.

Robert next stars in Ben Stiller’s comedy “Tropic Thunder” which he plays a black man filming a war movie, it also stars Jack Black.

Variety Reports:

I’m glad for Robert going for bigger roles. He’s always been a talented actor.


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