Report: Scott Weiland hangs out at Club Hot Shots in Glens Falls after a concert…

Stone Temple Pilots recently just played a concert at the Glens Falls Civic Center in Glens Falls, N.Y. Right after the show, Scott Weiland decided to hang out at Club Hot Shots sports bar and restaurant for a bite to eat, a couple of drinks and to relax after a gig. While Weiland seems very nice to people, he was willing to pose pics and sign autographs for fans in the small club in Glens Falls.

Don’t believe me that Scott Weiland was there at Hot Shots? Here are a few pics to prove it, Scott is the one wearing the baseball cap with the white long hair…it was just Scott at Hot Shots…Dean, Robert, and Eric were not there.;f=3;t=4937

Look like Hot Shots is starting to be a favorite bar hangout for famous rock stars when they play the Civic Center. Cool.

While Scott may be a druggie and alcoholic, he does seem like a real nice guy.


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