Report: Arnold finally speaks and gives his thoughts on “Terminator Salvation”…

The Governator Arnold, finally found some free time to speak to the media on his honest thoughts of the new Terminator film that McG is making, “Terminator Salvation”. The film makers have shown him little footage. He says he doesn’t have a feel for it and he wishes McG well on the film.

He also said in this article that he had seen the movies “The Dark Knight”, “Iron Man” and “Wanted (starring Angelina Jolie) and Arnold says he loved the movie “Wanted” very much. He says if you don’t live up to the Terminator series and gives advice that if the film has impressive special effects, the film could dominate box office.

He admits he won’t be seeing the new Terminator film when it hits theaters but hopes the film will be a hit and it sells well.

Beware, if you haven’t seen the movie “Wanted” yet, Arnold kind of gave out the ending a little bit.

More on it here:

Notice Arnold never once brought up anything about him being in the new film. I think he’s keeping things under wraps.


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