BREAKING NEWS: About Kane’s bag, what was in it? Who is alive or dead?

On tonight’s RAW, the new General Manager, Mike Adamle confronted Kane about what was in his bag and who was Kane reffering to when he kept saying “Is he alive or dead”. Everyone kept making predictions like if it’s either Paul Bearer or the old Kane, a possibility of Kane’s old mask being in the bag.

When Kane admitted that there is a mask in the bag. Adamle teased that it could have been the old Kane. The old Kane with the red mask on. Turns out it wasn’t the old Kane. To read who was Kane reffering to is below:





********************MAJOR RAW SPOILERS BELOW***********************




What was in Kane’s bag on tonight’s RAW, was Rey Mysterio’s mask. Kane said that Mysterio is dead. Does this mean we will get an unmasked Rey Mysterio when he returns to RAW? Expect a major Kane and Rey Mysterio feud on the way. I see a Kane vs. Rey Mysterio match at Summerslam. We will finally get an unmasked Mysterio? I hope so.




********************************END SPOILER**********************************************





Now that was a shocker! Finally a decent storyline with Kane! I love Kane, Glen Jacobs who is Kane’s real birth name is a good mic worker.


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