Thought: Star Wars should get boycotted?

You know what I’m sick of? I’m sick of everyone on the internet complaining and bitching about George Lucas and Star Wars. If you hate the way the Star Wars direction is going, then it’s simple, STOP SUPPORTING STAR WARS AND GEORGE LUCAS!!!!!!

George Lucas continues to keep shoving Star Wars into our faces, with The Clone Wars animated movie and now the upcoming live action TV series of the same thing. George made the 6 movies and already told the story of what needed to be told. The stories don’t need to be continued. The 6 movies are just fine the way they are.

If you don’t like Geroge keep coming out with Star Wars stuff all the time, then STOP watching them and stop supporting him. IT’S EASY!!!! I am not going to see “The Clone Wars” in theaters because I have no interest in seeing it all, and I won’t even see it when the animated film comes out on DVD as well. I won’t even watch the upcoming live action TV series.

George doesn’t care if people hate the Star Wars films or not. He’s never going to let Star Wars die, I’ve been saying from day 1 that he’s been doing it for the money and his own ego, and it’s good to see Star Wars fans finally realizing it. I’m sick of Star Wars. Sick of it, sick of it, sick of it.

If you ignore George and the Star Wars franchise, then maybe he will stop doing them when he realizes that no one cares about Star Wars anymore.

This is why I enjoy Star Trek a lot more because Star Trek is more about the storytelling, than the action and fantasy. I love Star Trek. Star Trek is more maturing than the childish Star Wars as if they came from a children’s book. I like Star Wars too, but only the first 6 films, we don’t need anymore Star Wars. It’s all pathetic. The hell with George Lucas, now he plans on re-releasing all 6 Star Wars films into 3-D versions to theaters everywhere, yawn. George is such an egomaniac, all he cares about is Star Wars. He can’t do other original work other than Star Wars because he loves the attention he’s getting off the franchise.

Boycott Star Wars and Lucasfilms.


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