Report: OJ Simpson – Vegas Robbery Trial – Day 1…

Here we go, the trial is on. Day 1 of the Vegas Robbery Trial. Day 1 is just the beggining. Both O.J. Simpson and Clarence Stewart pleaded not guilty in all charges. Judge Jackie Glass took some time explaining that the trial will not be focused at all on the 1995 double murder of Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman. The trial will only focus on the Vegas Casino Robbery. When the judge asked how many people knew The Juice personally, at least 87 people threw their hands in the air.

Before trial began, Simpson spoke to Stewart being worried about his children at home in Miami, Florida getting caught in Hurricanes down south.

Read more on it here:

Here we go folks, this trial will be all over media.


0 thoughts on “Report: OJ Simpson – Vegas Robbery Trial – Day 1…”

  1. You would think after getting away with murder or (maybe he told someone else to do it for him)… but you would think he would stay on the down low……..and yet he didn’t. I hope he gets what he deserves, because you pay for everything right here on earth whatever you do, either good or bad, it comes back to you somehow, someday, someway!

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