BREAKING NEWS: Dreamworks splits with Paramount Pictures as a stand alone company…

Dreamworks pictures, a film company that is being runned by Steven Spielberg, David Geffen, and Stacey Snider has closed out a deal with Reliance so they can leave Paramount Pictures. The goal was to make Dreamworks pictures a standalone company so that it would not be owned by Paramount. Spielberg, Geffen and Snider who run Dreamworks wanted to own and run it their own way.

Paramount pictures have agreed to part ways with Spielberg’s “Dreamworks” and wishes them well on their new adventure.

Variety Reports:

I’m betting my money that Steven Spielberg is behind all of this and made it happen. The man’s a genius when it comes to business in Hollywood. I bet Steven had a tough battle with Paramount to make it happen. The man gets what he wants always.


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