Thought: It’s difficult for me to review “Death Magnetic”, that I’m not gonna bother to write one!!!

I’ve thought about reviewing the “Death Magnetic” CD to this blog. But I’ve already said the things of what I’ve liked about the album before. I love the album too damn much, that there is really no need for a review. I mean, fuck, “Death Magnetic” almost feels like a Led Zeppelin album, that’s how amazing it really is.

But if I wanted to review it, I would say this that James Hetfield’s singing is just fantastic, Hetfield can’t sing like he used to back in the 80’s but the man was in his 20’s back in those days. Now Hetfield is in his 40’s and he’s been in Metallica for way over 20 years, pretty much his whole life he’s been in the band. But James’s vocals have improved greatly and the man sings with so much emotion and sadness in “Death Magnetic” and you can really hear the emotion in his singing. Reading the lyrics in the booklet, the lyrics are so dark and pretty intense. Is James going through some tough, depressing and emotional times these days? That’s what it seems like with the sound of his lyrics.

Kirk Hammett’s guitar solos are always great as usual. The man is just an incredible guitar player and he’s been a favorite guitar player of mine for years.

Rob Trujillo’s bass playing is just crazy as hell. I am now glad that Jason Newsted doesn’t play with them anymore. Trujillo defines the new Metallica!

Lars Ulrich drumming on “Magnetic”. Holy shit! Lars is such a monster on the drums! This is the best drumming Lars has ever done on any Metallica album. He’s a powerhouse on the drums in “Magnetic”, that Lars almost plays like John Bonham of Led Zep. Lars drumming has improved since the last couple of albums.

“Death Magnetic” is such a masterpiece, a beautifully written album, I am amazed and feel goosebumps everytime I listen to the thing. I don’t have a favorite song on the album, I fucking love them ALL!!!!!

In 2008, the music industry is starting to fail and go down the toilet. Radiohead came out with “In Rainbows”, I was blown away by that record too, Radiohead was starting to shake up the industry but when Metallica came out with the new album, I suddenly forgot the rest of the new music that happened in today’s industry. Metallica is here to save mainstream music.

People asked me for a review of the album, but for some reason, I just can’t get one down since I love the album too damn much. So there you have it. This is why I didn’t review the album yet.


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