Report: Robert Plant denies reuniting Led Zeppelin full time for tour and new record…

Well, there you have it. I had predicted that Robert Plant himself was going to speak out on the rumours of him re-joining Led Zeppelin full time. The singer released an official statement hoping to squash those rumours for good.

Plant says he is frustrated and annoyed that these rumours won’t seem to stop. He also explains that these musicians, the left over members of Led Zeppelin are committed to doing their new projects and moving forward. Plant wishes Page, Jonesy and Jason the best.

Read Robert Plant’s statement here:

Good, I am actually kind of glad that Led Zeppelin isn’t reuniting full time for a tour and new record.

I want Robert to continue his country project with Allison because it’s really good stuff.

I want Jimmy Page to do other things. Pagey maybe making new music with Jonesy and Jason, and they maybe auditioning new singers, but not under Led Zeppelin, under a different band name. I’m sure we will hear from Pagey soon about this as well.

I’m glad Led Zeppelin came back to us for one last time, and they deserved one last show in a positive note which was at the O2 last year.


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