Thought: Now that OJ is finished, Hollywood could do an OJ Simpson biopic in the future…

As much as we all hate OJ, you’ll have to admit that how his life turned out is sad. He went from being a football legend, to one of TV’s loved stars to starring in some movies like the Naked Gun and such, to being a criminal.

Now that OJ is finally in prison, I’m sure Hollywood is planning an OJ Simpson biopic film for the big screen to cover his life from his childhood to now. So I don’t see OJ promotion in the news going away just yet. You all know that Hollywood films will be all over this.

If there was an OJ biopic in the works, who should play him? I’m thinking Denzel Washington. He would be a perfect choice. And maybe Peter Berg could direct.

An OJ film could actually be a good one with the right script and cast. This will happen down the road believe me. An OJ film could be a good way for Fred and Kim Goldman to get paid the money that OJ himself owes them from the civil trial.


0 thoughts on “Thought: Now that OJ is finished, Hollywood could do an OJ Simpson biopic in the future…”

  1. AWESOME IDEA! Who would play The Juice?!?!?!?!

    I vote for… hmmm… there are so mant to choose from.

    Bill Cosby?
    Jim Brown?
    Maybe Jimmy Caan but he’d put on makeup like C.Thomas Howell did when he played a black kid going to college in that movie.
    I like that actor who played ‘James’ in the tv show Good Times. He’d be a good OJ. He was in ROOTS, too.
    Hey, maybe LeVar Burton (I think he played the robot eye guy in Star Track) or that Chicken George guy from the Iron Aces movies & Officer & A Gentleman. He’s a good one.
    Of course my first choice if Alex Haley or Clint Eastwoods or Alex Arlofsky but they are too snooty in Hollywood to go for a roll like that.

    I just hope that whoever it is has a good lawyer because Ron Goldman
    would probably sue them for all they make from acting in the movie.

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