Oh my! This is absolutely shocking! While I’m sure some people out there had mixed opinions on whether SImpson was going to walk out on this case or be found guilty. I earlier predicted he was going to walk out, but my prediction was wrong. But I don’t care. I’m actually happy about it. This is fantastic news for America. I’m sure Fred and Kim Goldman are celebrating like kids, jumping up and down, drinking champagne.

The verdict of the OJ Simpson Vegas Robbery Trial has been read already. Guilty on all charges. HAHAHAHAHA! WOOT! Simpson is about 60 years old now, he gets life in prison.

Simpson’s co defendant Clarence Stewart has also been found guilty of all charges. Simpson’s attorney Yale Galanter continues to maintain Simpson’s innocence, he claims the jury was only interested in Mr. Simpson and should be honest and truthful.

Well, Mr. Galanter is delusional to think that because from the looks of things the jury was honest and truthful. All them audio tapes are good enough evidence to prove Simpson’s guilt.

Have a nice life in prison, Juice, and hope you rot a long slow painful death while there. America do not have to put up with Mr. Simpson anymore. WOO HOO! Simpson finally didn’t get away with something this time!

The Associated Press reports:


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