Thought: I actually want to see “Valkyrie”…

I know I said I hated Tom Cruise and refuse to see any movie that stars the man, well, I lied. I had grown into wanting to see “Valkyrie” that stars Tom Cruise. The only thing is, I’m not seeing the movie for him. I’m seeing the movie ’cause Bryan Singer is one of my favorite film makers, plus the film has Terence Stamp in it.

The plot to “Valkyrie” is also very interesting. The film comes out Dec. 25th. I’ll probably see it the day after Christmas ’cause I go to the movies every year the day after Christmas. Could get this film get the Oscar nod for “Best Picture”? It could, never know. The Oscars are always unpredictable every year.

I’m looking forward to seeing “Valkyrie” and I’ll review it of course. It’ll probably be the final film I’ll see in the year 2008.


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