Thought: More reasons why the Academy picked Hugh Jackman as host for the Oscars…

1. “The Dark Knight” will be huge for the Oscars, since Hugh Jackman has experience playing a comic book superhero character, he played Wolverine in the X-Men trilogy and he is also starring in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”, a film where Wolverine gets his own movie. The Academy figures this will help hype up “The Dark Knight” for the Oscars if Jackman hosted the show.

2. Hugh Jackman does have award hosting experience, he hosted the Tony Awards a couple of times, an award show for theatre. He hosted the Tony awards around the time when Jackman did the play “The Boy From Oz”.

3. Other than a film actor, Hugh Jackman is a theatre actor as well. He goes back and forth from theatre to films. Jackman has done musicals on stage and he can sing, I imagine the Ocars hired him for the host so he can do a singing segment to open the Oscars and to tell some jokes as well. Will he do X-Men the musical? LOL!!!

See the videos of Hugh Jackman hosting the Tony Awards below.


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