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President Trump responds to tough guy Robert Deniro!!! Hilarious!!!

At the Tony Awards over the weekend, Robert De Niro had some things to say about Trump while introducing Bruce Springsteen as a performer. De Niro happened to go off-script and go on a rant about Trump. De Niro dropping F bombs saying, “Fuck Trump” which seems to be a favorite liberal saying. Well De Niro said that on live TV, he said “Fuck Trump” twice actually.

Of course, this wasn’t the first time that De Niro publicly attacked Trump remember in 2016 De Niro did a video saying that he would like to punch Trump in the face.

Well today, Pres. Trump himself responded to De Niro on twitter. Once again, Trump saying the same things like we’ve all been thinking. You see Robert De Niro may have played a lot of tough guy roles in the movies but that’s how he thinks of himself in real life. De Niro really does think he’s a tough guy. No doubt De Niro is a big narcissist and egomaniac. Notice that De Niro only picks movie roles that makes him look tough. Look at all these tough guy roles he did over the years: “Raging Bull”, “Taxi Driver”, “The Godfather Part II”, “Goodfellas”, “Cape Fear”, “Midnight Run”, “The Untouchables”, “The Deer Hunter”, etc. Doing movie roles that only feeds his ego.

If De Niro and Trump did a celebrity boxing match together who would win? I’m rooting for Trump, of course.

Look at Trump in this video when he appeared in WWE. Yeah, WWE is fake but you can’t deny that Trump is tough with those punches. You better watch it, De Niro. Don’t mess with Trump.

I think De Niro is a great actor and I respect him but his politics do suck, though. I wish he and the rest of Hollywood would shut up about politics. It’s a shame. I love movies and there are so many talented people in Hollywood but their politics are alienating movie fans and they aren’t realizing it yet.


Tim Curry makes surprising appearance at the Tony Awards… here’s what he looks like now…

Actor Tim Curry took himself out of the Hollywood spotlight and decided to lay low from the public until now. Here is Tim Curry at the Tony Awards so he could accept his Lifetime Achievement Award. You probably remember Tim Curry from  movies such as “The Rocky Horror  Picture Show”, “Clue”, “The Hunt For the Red October” and “Stephen King’s It”. He was also the villain Darkness in the movie, “Legend” w/ Tom Cruise.


While it may seem like Tim Curry’s acting career is over… it isn’t really. He’s still working in Hollywood, he’s just been doing a lot of voice over stuff. He did the voice for Darth Sidious in “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” TV series just recently.

Tim Curry is a talented actor and this guy has a lot of admiring fans. He probably got the fanbase from the “Rocky Horror”, “Clue” and him playing Pennywise the Clown. People still love him and I do too!


Thought: More reasons why the Academy picked Hugh Jackman as host for the Oscars…

1. “The Dark Knight” will be huge for the Oscars, since Hugh Jackman has experience playing a comic book superhero character, he played Wolverine in the X-Men trilogy and he is also starring in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”, a film where Wolverine gets his own movie. The Academy figures this will help hype up “The Dark Knight” for the Oscars if Jackman hosted the show.

2. Hugh Jackman does have award hosting experience, he hosted the Tony Awards a couple of times, an award show for theatre. He hosted the Tony awards around the time when Jackman did the play “The Boy From Oz”.

3. Other than a film actor, Hugh Jackman is a theatre actor as well. He goes back and forth from theatre to films. Jackman has done musicals on stage and he can sing, I imagine the Ocars hired him for the host so he can do a singing segment to open the Oscars and to tell some jokes as well. Will he do X-Men the musical? LOL!!!

See the videos of Hugh Jackman hosting the Tony Awards below.