Confirmed: “Inglorious Bastards” to be released August 21st…

Quentin Tarantino’s “Inglorious Bastards” has got a release date!!! Announced on New Year’s Eve, “Inglorious Bastards” will be released August 21st of 2009 of this year. The August 21st release date comes just after a few months of the Cannes Festival begins around May. Tarantino’s goal was that he hopes to have “Bastards” completed before Cannes Festival so he can debut his film there before release date, his wish may come true.

“Inglorious Bastards” stars Brad Pitt, Mike Myers and a bunch of other casts. “Bastards” took Tarantino years and years to write the script,  he’s finally getting the film off the ground and moving forward. The film will be distributed and released through Universal Pictures.

AICN exclusively breaks the news:


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