Report: Vince McMahon on a real life firing spree in WWE, longtime diva retires…

Yes, even the WWE is a victim of a bad economy. This forces Vince McMahon to go on a real life firing spree behind the scenes of wrestling. Everyone knows Vince’s famous TV catchphrase, “YYYOOOOUuuuuu’re FIIIIRREEEEeeedddddd”, he’s doing that in real life.

Vinnie Mac is firing some shockers including long time wrestling veterans, a Hall of Famer (Sgt. Slaughter), even to refs, workers, and Vince’s real life limo drivers as well.

Also, a longtime WWE Diva who is pretty well known is retiring from WWE for real, she is done.

See the article below to see who they all are:

Vinnie Mac returns to TV as a performer on RAW this coming Monday which is Martin Luther King Day. RAW will probably do some kind of Martin Luther King reference, of course, I’m sure a performer on RAW Monday will probably mention the Barack Obama inauguration too. This coming RAW on Monday will be a good one.


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