BREAKING NEWS: Mickey Rourke confirmed to perform in a match for Wrestlemania 25!!!!!!!!

I kind of figure this was going to happen as this news is no surprise for me. Mickey Rourke, the star of “The Wrestler”, says that the WWE confirmed the actor to perform at Wrestlemania 25 in Houston, Texas. He says he’s in talks with Rowdy Roddy Piper about it. Does this mean Mickey Rourke and Rowdy Piper will have a tag match against Chris Jericho and who ever Jericho is teaming up with? That’s what it seems like they’re planning.

More on it here:

Really good news. Good for Mickey, I bet he dreamed of being a real life profesional wrestler for many years which is the whole point of him doing the film, now he gets to experience pro wrestling in real life for one time only.


0 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: Mickey Rourke confirmed to perform in a match for Wrestlemania 25!!!!!!!!”

  1. Hats off to Mickey for proving his maturity. This jericho jerko was a real arse. I’m sure in his fake world of “get ready dude I’m gonna act like I’m hittin with this chair” he maybe able to win fights…..if it’s predetermined in the dressing room before hand. Mickey on the other hand, although having a few years seniority, spent a great deal of time in the real world of real contact BOXING(sport). jerico jercko is even at a greater disadvantage because his “acting” career didn’t “EARN” him the same accolades as Mr. Rourke. jercko is all mouth and no class!

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