Where did Sly get the Barney Ross name from in “The Expendables”…how did he inspire the story???

Barney Ross is a name of a character that Sylvester Stallone is playing in, “The Expendables”. The name is taken from a real life legendary fighter, Barney Ross himself.


Is this how Sly came up with the plot for “The Expendables” from Barney Ross’s real life story with his father and World War II stuff?

Sly took the title from one of the Rambo movies, where he said, “Im Expendable”.


It’s kind of strange how Sly is doing a movie taken from that Rambo scene and he’s playing a character name that’s inspired from the real life boxer.

Barney Ross was a World War II veteran and Rambo was a Vietnam vet who claimed that he was Expendable.

Is this the point of Sly’s new movie, “The Expendables” as his way of proving that Rambo is “Expendable” even though that this movie has nothing to do with Rambo?

Whether this movie is R rated or PG-13, I don’t care. I just want to see a good action movie with a good plot. I’m sure there is a lot more to the plot where the Expendables take down a dictator, Sly just doesn’t want to give out any surprising spoilers…maybe this movie does have something to do with Rambo after all…maybe there’ll be a mention of the Rambo character in the film. Who knows.


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