Thought: Divorce on the way for Letterman?

Now that David Letterman confessed to affairs with different women from the staff of the “Late Show” is a divorce from his current wife, Regina Lasko, on the way?

You may think, Regina’s gotta be heartbroken about this since David revealed this on TV. I’m sure she is heartbroken. I’m sure Letterman already told her everything way before he revealed it on TV. She probably wanted him to do this and gave him the permission to.

You ask, why would Letterman reveal his private life to the public on TV? Well for one, he wanted to save his family from Blackmail¬†and it was Letterman’s way of confronting CBS John Halderman publicily. It was also Letterman’s way of publicily humiliating John Halderman. A revenge kind of thing.

So is a divorce on the way for Letterman and Lasko? Maybe, maybe not. I’m sure she already knows about his sex addiction. It’s all up to her if she wants to stay with him. You’ll never know.

Me, thinks, they will stay together as a married couple.


One thought on “Thought: Divorce on the way for Letterman?”

  1. What do you think those two guys are talking about? Listen Kev, I don’t think a divorce is coming. He might be in the doghouse awhile. Sleep on the couch for awhile. She might turn her back and withhold sex, but from the looks of her that might not be so bad. Also, he was not married at the time of svengali move (svengali move) of banging cute subordinates. He was going out with the guy on the right in the pic, but they weren’t married. He had a kid with Regina (sounds like vagina) Lasko, then married her. Since he wasn’t married it is okay. Fuck, he was banging these chicks in NYC and his house is in Connecticut so the whole out of zip code, area code rule applies!



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