Report: The Rock confirms return to WWE…

Wrestling fans! The People’s Champ is coming back! Yes, the most electrifying man in sports entertainment, The Rock is finally coming back to WWE. Several years back, the Rock left WWE for a full time movie career. Ever since he’s been gone, fans has been calling him back to the ring, but Dwayne Johnson vowed to concentrate on his movie career instead of wrestling. As time went along, wrestling fans continued to beg Dwayne to make another return to WWE.

As a way to make fans happy, Dwayne occasionally made small cameo appearances as the Rock on RAW shows, not in person but on the titantron screen. Soon we’ll finally get to see the Rock himself in person on RAW this summer. The bad news is, that Dwayne has no intention to wrestle a match again. He will only perform. Instead of coming back as a wrestler, The Rock will be a permanent RAW guest host for the entire summer. That’s his plan with WWE. The Rock was originally booked to be a RAW guest host for one episode last January but he pulled out due to a strict schedule for his movie career.

When the Rock returns this summer, I see a huge feud with John Cena. Dwayne claims he won’t wrestle, but ya never know. Never say never with WWE. I think Dwayne will wrestle one final match, it might be his way of keeping things secret and not giving out any surprises. Bret the Hitman Hart said the same exact thing for his WWE return. Bret Hart claimed he won’t wrestle a match ever again, and now he agreed to wrestle Vince McMahon for Wrestlemania. So yeah, anything is possible.

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