BREAKING NEWS: “Wanted 2” sequel cancelled, due to Angelina Jolie pulling out…she does “Gravity” instead…

If you want a Hollywood shocker. Well, here’s one. Universal Studios had “Wanted 2” in the works ever since the first one came out in theaters. The film starred Angelina Jolie and James McAvoy. Angelina Jolie suddenly pulled out of “Wanted 2” to do the sci-fi thriller, “Gravity” with Warner Bros. instead. Due to Angelina pulling out of “Wanted 2”, Universal had no choice but to cancel the sequel altogether. My bet is that they feel that “Wanted 2” can’t be done without her.

Some would think Angelina would have something against the “Wanted 2” sequel, but I disagree. I’m sure she has nothing against the script or the studios or whatever. I’m sure she wanted to do “Gravity” instead ’cause it sounded like a bigger opportunity and a much bigger film. I can’t blame her. “Gravity” sounds like a sci fi action flick to me which Angelina would be good for. I don’t think she’s ever done a sci fi movie that’s taken place out in space before. I’m pretty sure she would still do “Wanted 2” if other opportunities never came up.


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