Report: Tom Hanks teaming up with Green Day to bring “American Idiot” to the big screen…

It’s no secret that Tom Hanks is a big music lover but who knew that he is a huge fan of Green Day? It seems that he is. If you pay attention to the “American Idiot” album, the album is kind of like a theatre musical, that’s why it is headed to Broadway later this Spring. Now expect this to head to the big screen with the help of Tom Hanks.

Will Tom get himself an acting role in the “American Idiot” movie or will he direct it? Who knows, he could do either one or both if he wanted.

More on it here:


One thought on “Report: Tom Hanks teaming up with Green Day to bring “American Idiot” to the big screen…”

  1. Yeah, Tom Hanks is a big music lover but he is an AMERICA HATER.

    He proved it with his LIE that America fought in WW2 for racist reasons… “just like we’re fighting wars today” he added! As if the WW2 comment wasn’t ignorant enought!!

    I used to like him ever since Bosom Buddies & Bachelor Party but to say we started these wars because we are racist toward camel jockeys & nips is crazy.
    People were racist against them AFTER they attacked us–which is the way it should be. It’s natural to hate some inferior group who attacks your country for no reason.

    Hey Tom– I have 1 word for you: PEARL F’N HARBOR and 9/1/2001, my friend.

    We fought because we were attacked FIRST. We didn’t care what those slants were doing over there until 12/7/1941, idiot.
    Hopefully the ‘American Idiot’ movie will be about Tom Hanks..then it would be accurate because apparently he’s never heard of Pearl Harbor & 9/11.

    Green Day has good tunes but they hate America and freedom, too.
    That American Idiot record is about George Bush…. who kept us safe after 9/11 because he didn’t take any s*it from those sand “blank-ers.” And the thanks he got was hate from all the hippy commie a-wipes.

    So I don’t buy anything from GreenDay or Tom Hanks any more.

    They should watch a cool movie like ‘INVASION USA’ or ‘RED DAWN’ if they want to know what can happen if they continue being commie sympathizers.

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