Report: Stallone bashes Tim Burton/Michael Keaton “Batman” movie, claims the film destroyed the 80’s action hero era…

A lot of people love Tim Burton’s and Michael Keaton’s collaboration of “Batman”, but Stallone has some harsh words to say about the film, he is definitely no fan of the first “Batman” movie. Why? Because he thinks the film is responsible for big muscle guys in actions movies fading away for future films. The action movies in the 90’s did stay away from muscle guys. Muscle guys in action movies were huge in the 80’s but it began to die out in the early 90’s.

Read what Stallone have to say about it here:

Sorry to say, but I actually agree with Sly. I’m not agreeing with him just because I’m a huge fan, I’m agreeing with him, ’cause I’m being real. I’m no fan of the first “Batman” flick with Burton/Keaton either.

Thank god, we have Christopher Nolan to save the Batman franchise! He knows how to do Batman right, Tim Burton and Joel Schumacher can’t! Sorry!


One thought on “Report: Stallone bashes Tim Burton/Michael Keaton “Batman” movie, claims the film destroyed the 80’s action hero era…”

  1. Burton’s ‘Batman’ was a good film. The only question mark over the whole thing was Michael Keaton. And it wasn’t that he did a bad job. It really was that he was genuinely unsuited for the role. As with so much in comics and movies, it’s a image thing. It’s just that Burton wanted to be different, as if his style wasn’t different enough. He cast Keaton against type, almost certainly for its own sake. The rest of the film is good, very “dark comic book” and gothic. It doesn’t take itself too seriously, which twenty years out a lot of fans don’t like… because it isn’t dark enough.

    As far as Stallone’s issues with it? Who cares? He’s ticked because it drove down his stock. Oh well. Life in the entertainment business is merciless, mercenary, and it doesn’t care who you are or really what you’ve done for it. The switch from muscle-bound heroes to leaner, meaner ones was bound to happen.

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