Thought: In defense of Zack Snyder being picked as the next “Superman” director…

As expected, Zack Snyder is getting so much flak and getting a bit of a backlash for being chosen to direct, the next Superman, currently titled, “The Man of Steel”. I know I said before, I didn’t want Snyder to direct the film in a blog post, but I changed my mind, took it back and decided to go for a more positive direction. If you think about it, Zack is a perfect fit for the next Superman.

Why did Christopher Nolan and WB’s choose him? Well, like I said before, Zack has a strong knowledge with comics and superheroes. Mr. Nolan probably admired him for that. Plus, Zack probably knows the Superman character better than anybody. I think Zack Snyder is a wonderful film maker, he is not terrible that the haters out there are making him out to be. I thought “Watchmen” was an amazing film. I didn’t like it the first time I saw it in theater, but after watching it more than once, “Watchmen” is one incredible story. If any of you have seen the movie, “Watchmen”, it really did feel like a Superman movie. Maybe that’s why WB’s picked him. What are other reasons WB’s picked Zack? Probably because he’s good with action and storytelling. People accuse “Watchmen” of being a live action video game with all the slow motion special effects Zack is known to doing all the time. Maybe that’s why WB’s picked Zack, ’cause he’s good with slow motion and that’s what Superman would need in certain flying scenes.

People are so quick at judging that Zack is going to ruin the Superman franchise and destroy it, not gonna happen. Zack knows all about the Superman stories, he will stay true to the comics. Just give Zack a chance. I think he will make a beautiful Superman movie, and I honestly hope this one will get Oscar nominated if he’s lucky enough. Zack is not going to make the next Superman flick similar to “Watchmen” or “300” at all, so people need to relax.

I don’t think the next Superman flick will be a sequel, to “Superman: Returns”. Since General Zod will be the villain for the next one, sounds like the next one will be taken place either before or after “Superman II”. Zod was killed at the end of “Superman II”, and before the film, he was in the Phantom Zone on planet Krypton. Whatever Nolan and David Goyer has planned for that story, is gonna be very interesting.

There’s a lot of people out there that want Brandon Routh back as well. It wouldn’t surprise me at all, if WB’s and Chris Nolan decided to bring back, Brandon Routh. I personally don’t want Routh back as I would like someone else to get the opportunity to play Superman, but it don’t bother me at all if Routh does happen to come back. Zack won’t dissapoint. I believe in him and Christopher Nolan. Of course, the new Supes flick will definitely have plenty of CGI and action, but it will focus on the story mostly. People accuse Zack of making the next Superman movie full of 3 hours non stop action, but I don’t think he’s going to do that. Like Zack said himself in the Deadline article, he’s a huge fan of the character. He knows Superman stories are told with heart and feeling, Zack will tell the next film in that way just like he did with the “Watchmen” movie. “Watchmen” wasn’t all action, it was mostly story.

I’m looking forward to seeing Zack’s take on Superman. Zack is keeping quiet on the storyline ’cause Chris Nolan and Warner Brothers probably don’t want him talking about the storyline until the time is right. I’m very excited that they are quickly moving forward to the next Supes flick, and you bet your ass, I’ll go see this film in theater. Believe in Zack, trust him, he’ll make a great Superman movie.


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